Best Beater Board Review [2020 Line-Up]

Beater Board Review

The Beater surfboard is the latest trend in the surfing industry that has quickly become one of the most prominent boards for any dedicated surfer’s quiver. In fact, it’s not only the experienced surfers who have begun to ride those small, funboards, but it’s additionally one of the best ‘one-for-all’ funboards that adults and small kids can ride in the same way.

We would even go so far as to say that beater board surfboard is the safest around, thus the reason it can beat the ‘no-surf-rule’ on beaches where watercraft are prohibited.

What is a Beater Board?

The Beater Board is a mix of a skimboard, surfboard, a bodyboard and developed for having fun in little waves or beach breaks.

The Beater Board

The term “beater board” in surfing has 2 significances:

  1. Beating the “no-surf” rule on beaches. At several beaches, mainly in California, lifeguards pulled up the yellow flag with a black dot in the middle which is also referred to as the “blackball flag”. This flag indicates the surfers not to surf in that location for safety reasons. As a rule, watercraft are prohibited – anything that can pose a threat to amateur swimmers, especially fiberglass boards with sharp fins and noses. Fortunately, the Beater Board is made of foam and it can be surfed without fins.
  2. The fact that foam boards can take the beating, so these Beater Boards are safer to ride on waves that you wouldn’t normally ride on. Sketchy waves, shore breaks, or anywhere where getting wiped out is most probably.

Key Characteristics of Surf Beater Board:

  • Affordable price
  • Length 48 ″/ 54 ″ (short)
  • Made of foam
  • Easily removable twin-fin set up
  • Retro styling

Best Wave Type: Choppy surf conditions, sketchy waves, shore breaks – almost any wave where regular surfboards would nose-dive or where you wouldn’t risk damaging your costly PU/Epoxy board.

What Size Beater Board Should I Get?

48″ fits better to surfers under 160lbs, while anything above 54″ is fantastic for surfers weighing over 160lbs! In other words, a 54″ beater board is better for adults or teens while a 48″ beater board is good for kids, groms, or smaller adults.

Best Beater Boards of 2020

1. Catch Surf Beater Board

Made widely known by internet surf sensation, Jamie O Brien, Catch Surf Beater has become the ultimate utility surfboards for today. Catch Surf Beater Board comes in a wide range of price points, different designs, and colorways.

Catch Surf makes several designs and types of beater surfboards, with multiple fin types. Catch Surf has created several retro-themed neon designs, along with images and pattern-based designs. Catch Surf has also partnered with lost or professional surfers like Kalani Robb or Jamie O Brien to design some pretty seek looking boards.

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The beater boards from Catch Surf have their own shape which is best described as a combination of an egg shape, thruster, and funboard all squashed into one unique little mutant. The shape of the Catch Surf Beater is close to a skateboard. The unique shape of these surfboards is giving you free to surf this board as weird and intense as you want!

All Catch Surf Beater Boards have the following features and accessories:

  • A strong and lightweight dual-composite core with double stringers (made of maple)
  • Twin-Channel Crescent Tail
  • A Pop-Thru Leash Plug (much like a bodyboard leash plug)
  • 8LB PE Deck with an HDPE Slick
  • Tapered D-Rails


  • Fins

There are three models for Catch Surf beater boards that you can get: finless, single-fin, and twin-fin products. As you may have guessed, the featured products without fins do not have any fins. The twin-fin model comes with 2 removable 3.5″ soft pop-thru keel fins while the single-fin model comes with a 4.5″ raked fin.

  • Leash

Unfortunately, no leashes are included with the Catch Surf Beater boards. Although a pop thru leash plug is included, it shouldn’t be confused with a real leash. Conveniently, leashes are sold on the official brand’s website. Catch Surf offers leashes in 5-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot lengths.

1.1 Catch Surf Beater PRO 54″ – Julian Wilson Model

The entirely new model Beater Pro model is one of the brand’s amazing variations of their iconic beater board. The Pro is an upgraded version of the Catch Surf Original beater. The twin fin setup featured on this pro model beater board backed by J. Wilson provides unrivaled speed and drive.

The Beater Pro model with a brand-new high-performance removable fin system takes performance to a new level.

This board includes a durable, light-weight, and water-resistant core with dual maple plywood stringers, along with a high-density bottom deck that makes the Catch Surf Beater Pro board the brand’s most sturdy yet.

Dimension: 54″ = 4’6” x 20” x 2.5”, with volume of 35 liters.


  • Durable, water-resistant core
  • Tapered D-rails
  • Twin-channel crescent tail for finless performance
  • Dual composite core
  • HDPE impact-resistant skin
  • Dual maple plywood stringers
  • High-performance fin system
  • 4″ Beater Pro keel fins
  • Pop-thru fins which are safer and more durable than average fins
  • Need wax for grip.

Catch Surf Beater PRO 54


  • With the support of Julian Wilson
  • Durable construction and excellent design to max out your fun on the waves
  • High-performance twin fin system
  • Durability


  • PRO Boards is a little expensive for the price: around $250-300 (depending on fin-type, color, etc)
  • Doesn’t seem to be a leash included
  • Twin fin vs. thruster
  • Not a learning board as it is a really difficult board to learn the basics on for those new to surfing

Besides the durability, the Pro board has a twin-channel crescent tail for 360 degree turns on the waves, when going finless!

Overall, this beater board is definitely for you if you’re looking for a performance beater to speed through small surf. To simplify your beach days a brand new beater board bag is now available for packing and carrying this board.

1.2 Catch Surf Beater Original Finless

The Catch Surf “Original” Beater Board is something that every experienced surfer knows about.

Like the Beater Pro, the Catch Surf Beater Original offers all the enjoyable, float, and speed of a conventional softboard, however in a miniature, high-performance shape. As a finless beater board, the Catch Surf Beater can act as both a bodyboard and a skimboard, making it the ultimate tool for the excellent coastline day.

This sturdy beater board is an excellent wave sliding craft for any experienced surfer looking for an alternative approach to wave riding.


  • Board Slick: HDPE impact-resistant skin.
  • High-density bottom.
  • 2x maple ply-wood stringers.
  • Dual Composite Core.
  • Leash plug with pop-thru at the tail.
  • 3.5″ keel fins.
  • Need wax for grip.

Catch Surf Beater Original Finless

The Original Beater board has been one of the best-selling beater boards due to the widest variety of designs and the 2 main dimensions:

  • 48″ = 4’0″ x 20″ x 2.5″, it has a volume of 31 liters.
  • 54″ = 4’6″ x 20″ x 2.5″, it has a volume of 35 liters. 54″ model is available in finless as well as twin options.


  • Unique Finless slide feel
  • Quality construction
  • The only way to truly experience free friction surfing
  • An alternative to skim and bodyboard
  • Durability
  • Affordable price


  • Not a learning board
  • Finless boards are hard to ride for those not used to the feel

Standard Beater models cost around $150-200 depending on fin-type, color, etc. This Catch Surf Beater Board will give you all the features of a beater board, only without the fins! Whether you need the surfboard for messy/low surf conditions or simply wish to enjoy by doing airs or surfing the close-outs, there’s no better board for it!

1.3 Odysea Catch Surf Stump 5’0″ Thruster

The Stump 5’0” Thruster packs a ton of fun into a beater board. The length of this Catch Surf Beater Board is only half the length of the brand’s famous model Catch Surf Odyseas Log.

The Odysea’s Stump Beater Board has all the buoyancy and playful speed desired in a standard softboard with increased performance that comes with a miniature frame. Paddle out on the Catch Surf Odyseas Stump board to make the most out of a small wave day. You can also use this beater board to pull right into shore break barrels without the concern of breaking your surfboard.

Odysea Catch Surf Stump


  • Reliable brand
  • Quality construction
  • High-performance shape
  • Durability
  • Perfect for small and fun waves


  • A little expensive for the price
  • There are no options for high-performance fins
  • Not a learning board

4. Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer Twin, 4’10”

It’s one of the biggest beater boards on the list.

A little bit larger than your traditional or average beater board, yet this twin fin Performer is your excellent choice when you want to catch those gnarly last-second waves near the shore.

Actually, you can ride any kind of waves with this beater board, and it’s additionally an excellent low-cost entry-level surfboard for children to learn on! It’s made of foam and features whatever you require, except the wax for grip!

Size: 4’10” x 19 1/2 x 2 15/16″


  • Custom template
  • Dual-wood stringers
  • Rocker for better performance and easier take-offs
  • 4.5 ″ removable fins
  • Composite core made of high-pressure construction
  • Pro-style leash
  • Great price

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer Twin

What We Like:

  • High-performance rocker
  • Backed by Ben Gravy
  • Twin fin model

What We Don’t Like:

  • No high-performance fin system
  • Not a learning board
  • Requires wax

The Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer Twin is a flexible beater board that will assist you to make the most of small waves. This board is created for just that purpose, to make any wave enjoyable. Aside from that, the board has all the volume and float of a traditional soft board but features a high-performance rocker to aid surfers to pump down the line, execute turns, and take steeper drops.

5. Boardworks Froth! – Wake Surf Soft Top Surfboard (Length Range: 4’6″ – 9′)

The Boardworks Froth differs from the majority of beater boards on the surf market. Similar to a basic high-performance surfboard, the Froth beater board starts as an EPS foam blank with a maple stinger and is glassed like a typical surfboard.

Then, the Froth beater board is covered in a soft outer shell for durability and safety. This beater board includes Future fin boxes, so you can trade out the typical soft fins for your favorite set of performance fins.

Boardworks Froth

Surf this board in small, mushy summertime conditions, or pull in to barreling coast break tubes! These Boardworks Froth models can do it all.

What We Like:

  • Buoyant
  • Future fin boxes
  • High-performance shape

What We Don’t Like:

  • High Price
  • Not a learning board
  • Requires wax

6. Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer, 5’6

Ben Garvey is back again with one more flexible beater board that is sure to liven up any beach day. This beater board boasts a high-performance fish shape that is sure to catch a lot of waves and paddle with ease. Also, this board is equipped with a high-performance inspired rocker that helps free up the board for turns. All this at an affordable price!

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer

The Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer as well as the aforementioned Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Twin is endorsed by viral surfing sensation Ben Gravy.

If anyone is looking for a beater board for the beach, behind a boat, or an elusive river wave, the Wave Bandit Performer will put the fun back in your surf sessions.

7. Fusion Beater Board by ZEFR

The Fusion boards are very lightweight while having high volume to get up on those small and fast or slow and hollow shore breaks. They feature a classic design ready to take the blast on those shore breaks. A clear sign that the Fusion beater board was built to be used among rougher breaks too is what the ZEFR company has a lifetime warranty against waterlogging or bubbling.

Dimension: 48″ x 22″ x 2″.

Price: about $160.


  • Compression-molded board (Heat and high-pressure).
  • Tentacle Grip Traction (Wax is not required).
  • Fast fused PE-foam.
  • Great warranty conditions.
  • 2 removable fins.
  • Included leash and leash plug.

Fusion Beater Board by ZEFR

The only thing that sets the Zefr Fusion Beater Board apart from other brands is that there’s no wax required! These boards are definitely worth consideration as it has an affordable price and everything you need to paddle in and hold on!

Beater Surfboards FAQ

Which Beater Board Is Best For Me?

The choice of beater board depends on your personal preferences. Generally speaking, however:

  • If you’re an adult, take a 54″ beater board.
  • If you’re a child, a grom, or a small adult, choose a 48″ beater board.
  • If you’re a first-timer, or are just beginning to surf with beater boards, and want to have some control over fins, select a single-fin model.
  • Go with a twin-fin model if you desire some additional grip.
  • Choose a model without fins if you’re a seasoned surfer or a surfer who doesn’t want too much grip.
  • If you want to have the ability to interchange fins and/or change ride styles often, select the PRO model. If changing fins don’t make a big difference to you, choose the standard model.

Overall, we suggest choosing the standard single-fin model at the minimum, as you can at least remove and add a single fin without much effort.

What are the Fin Types of a Beater Board?

You can get any of the three fin types for a beater board.


If you’re entirely sure you won’t make use of fins, and you intend to conserve a couple of bucks, select the Original Finless models. The Original Beater Finless board will give you all the features of a beater board, just without fins! All these features make the board quite durable.

The finless option offers the maximum challenge to an experienced youth. The maple stringers will certainly assist you with board flex while providing the board some strong toughness. Comparable to a bodyboard, an 8LB PE Deck and HDPE slick will certainly keep this board gliding on the water and add some durability.

Catch Surf offers its finless Original models in 48″ and 54″ long, with a 20″ width and 2.5″ height. You can likewise upgrade to a Finless Original PRO and simply remove the fins (if necessary) – this will give you the ability to quick-swap fins later on and not lock you into living a finless lifestyle.


If you’re a novice, or if you want to ride barrels with a bit of looseness and a bit of hold, the beater boards with single-fin are the best models for you.

Similar to the Original Beater Finless, you’re obtaining the features outlined above. If you’re getting a twin-fin or Original Beater model, you’ll be able to remove the fins too, adding to the benefits over a model which haven’t any fins.

Overall, if you’re looking for some stability choose the twin fin set up. And on the contrary, if you’re looking to see what you can get away with, go for the surfing experience without fins!


The Twin-Fin model is perfect for those who want to enjoy dual-fin boards – i.e. a good amount of hold.

Like the Single-Fin model, you can simply remove the fins at any time, dropping these fins for a finless setup.

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