Best Beginner Surfboard Reviews in 2020

Best Beginner Surfboard Reviews

You’re stoked to get involved in surfing, but have no concept of how to start.

If you acquire a board that’s not matched for a beginner, finding out to stand up, easy to paddle, and catch waves will certainly be near impossible.

Instead of spending hours and hours on the net and checking out every surf store and surf school, you can get to, just have a look at our list of the best beginner surfboards on the marketplace to acquire!

We assembled the best beginner-friendly surfboards on the market right into one seamless article.

These boards have excellent buoyancy, shape, and materials that are best for children and grownups alike.

After buying any one of the boards on this list, you can be positive that you’ll be popping up and surfing in a snap!

Best Beginner Surfboards

#1 Best Overall: SBBC 8’ Verve Soft Top

  • Best efficiency shape foam surfboard
  • Top deck with traction so no wax needed
  • Includes complete fin set

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# 2 Wavestorm 8′ Classic

  • Good beginner shape surfboard
  • Classic red, green, and yellow rasta graphic
  • Just 11.5 lbs

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# 3 SBBC Ruccus 7′ Soft Top

  • Best beginner surfboard for women and kids for the first time
  • Versatile form for surfers of every level
  • No wax top deck

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What Is A Beginner Surfboard?

Beginner surfboards are designed for balance and stability. They are commonly very thick and most often made with strong epoxy resin or a foam top deck. Foam boards and epoxy boards are light and easy to paddle into waves. They likewise obtain damaged much less than a typical surfboard that is made with polyester resin.

Grownups must make use of a much longer board to begin surfing. That’s because the additional surface area permits more time and balance to learn popping up and stand on the wave. Generally, surfboards with round noses and wide tails are used. A slim, skinny pointy surfboard relocates extremely quickly, sinks into the waves a lot more, and it is really tough to learn to balance on.

Children can learn to catch waves on smaller sized boards, however, a foam board is still helpful because it has great buoyancy. Foam beginner surfboards are also much safer because they are softer than typical surfboards.

The Top 9 Best Beginner Surfboards

Our First Surfboard – 8′ Verve Soft-Top from South Bay Board Co.

Quality and superior shape layout make the Verve 8′ surfboard from South Bay Board Co. a must-have, great board, whether you are intending to mix up your quiver or learn to surf. This surfboard can be ridden in small, mellow surf, or gnarly, big beater waves. It is durable beyond belief and very enjoyable to ride.

The durability comes from top-notch building products. The core of the surfboard is made with closed-cell high-density polyethylene that is waterproof, and the slick bottom is 6 oz resin lined to avoid scratches and dings.

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The fin holes are PVC lined so you won’t have to bother with water leaking in through the fins. Three stringers will keep the stability of this board for years to come. One center stringer is covered with fiberglass and the two side stringers are aquatic grade plywood.

The Verve 8 ‘ surfboards from South Bay Board Co. get some of its high-performance thanks to the double concave bottom deck. This allows the surfboard to glide smoothly and ease over the water and don’t sink the rails. The pulled in square tail is perfect for turning, as is the rigid rails around the deck. The nose of the surfboard is also slightly narrower, so you won’t be in danger of pearling when you take off.

# 2 Wavestorm 8′ Classic Surfboard

Wavestorm is one of the top and most popular brands of surfboards for beginners. You can get them for cheap and they’re even better brand new than a utilized beginner surfboard. You’ll have this board in your quiver for a lifetime. The quality is at the highest level, as only the top materials are used by Wavestorm.

The cross-link top deck is made from leak-proof EPS foam and covered in ultra-strong WBS-IXL light material. The deck has actually traction so the wax is not needed. There are additionally three stringers that will hold the surfboard’s shape regardless of what beating it takes. The slick bottom is made from smooth high-density polyethylene, excellent for gliding down the wave.

Wavestorm 8’ Classic

While The Wavestorm 8’ Classic is made of safe, soft foam, it’s is very thick. The additional thickness gives this board terrific buoyancy while decreasing the risk of injury need to the board hit you when you wipe out. Learning to stand up on this surfboard because their deck is nice and wide. Learning to surf for beginner surfer will be much easier as the beginner-friendly shape of this surfboard will give you the momentum and stability to ride down the line and get into waves.

Every Wavestorm surfboard is sold with very easy to mount pop through fins, so you’ll be instantly ready to learn surf. You’ll likewise get a leash and leash string with your purchase. With all the added gear, board performance, and ultra-difficult building, it’s no surprise why the Wavestorm 8′ Classic surfboard makes our list of good beginner surfboards.

# 3 South Bay Board Co. Ruccus 7′ Soft Top Surfboard

South Bay Board Company produces good soft-top surfboards in almost every shape and style imaginable. For the child, teen, or smaller adult, the 7′ Ruccus surfboard from South Bay Board Co. provides the same buoyancy and durability, yet with less volume. The smaller sized soft-top surfboard is suitable for smaller sized folks who wish to find out to shred.

Surfboards with less surface area are less complicated for smaller grownups, like women, or children to maneuver. But at 22″ sized thick, wave catching is no worry. The thick rails are excellent for learning to surf balance, as is the wide deck. A lot more experienced surfers can also ride this board! The narrower nose and pulled in squash tail are excellent for boosted maneuverability.

SBBC Ruccus 7’ Soft Top

Reliability is a must with children’s beginner surfboards. Youthful individuals often tend to be hard on their devices, and increased safety and security are additionally crucial. The 7′ Ruccus South Bay Board Co. surfboard is created to be very tough, but at the same time, this surfboard is also really safe to surf on. The soft EPS foam is excellent for catching waves and additionally lowers the threat of injury in the case of a collision with a surfboard or another surfer. The foam is additionally puncture-resistant and watertight.

The bottom deck is made with an HDPE that affects dispersing netting. This technology is perfect for protection against scratches and pressure dings. There are one fiberglass stringer and two marine-grade wooden stringers on the surfboard. 3 stringers will preserve board shape for as long as you can ride it.

A leash, leash string, and easy to install fins are featured on the 7′ Ruccus surfboard from South Bay Board Co., so it will be ready as quickly as you get it. It’s one of the great surfboards for beginners and fun small wave shredding.

# 4 Surftech 8′ Soft Top Surfboard

If you are seeking the best top beginner surfboard on the market, the Surftech 8′ is it. With rubber safety and security pads on the nose and tail and ultra-soft foam and fins, you will not have to fret about the injury while surfing. The deck is featured bright yellow so other surfers will see you from a mile away.

Not only are the Surftech 8′ soft-top surfboards really safe, but they are also really durable. This surfboard can withstand being dropped, slammed into the sand by waves, and washed into rocks, it won’t be damaged. EPS foam is waterproof and incredibly resistant to scratches and punctures. The HDPE slick bottom is resistant to scratches too. The soft-top board won’t break due to the three stringers that run from the nose to the tail.

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These foam surfboards are shaped for beginners who simply want to surf and also advanced surfers. It is thick and voluminous, so learning to surf will be easier for beginners.

The vast deck and round nose increase the surface area of the deck which is excellent for finding out to stand up on the wave. If you are a good beginner or more advanced surfer, you can conveniently ride this board like a standard nose rider and do awesome tricks.

# 5 BIC Sport ACE-TEC Surf board

This classic longboard shape is good for beginners and experienced surfers. It has a suitable size and buoyancy for finding out to stand and catch waves, while likewise being formed to do sophisticated tricks on, like riding the nose. The epoxy deck makes the BIC Sport ACE-TEC very sturdy and resistant to going down, scratches from rocks, or dings.

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The finest point about this longboard is that it will certainly grow with your surfing degree. This longboard moves smoothly in the white water while you are acquiring balance.

Ace-Tec epoxy is unbelievably long-lasting. You’ll have this longboard in excellent form for many years of surfing. The fins are high and durable performance. The BIC Sport 9′ features an FCS 10″ center single fin and two FCS G-L side fins. Probably one the most functional surfboards for beginners on our listing, The BIC Sport ACE-TEC 9′ 0 epoxy longboard is a terrific investment for the lifelong surfer.

# 6 California Board Company 7′ Surfboard

California Board Company 7′ is another of the fantastic best surfboards for beginners. It’s created for kids and women beginners. These foam surfboards still have high volume and great buoyancy, however, they are somewhat smaller sized for simpler maneuvering. It can additionally be ridden by more advanced surfers who are searching for terrific wave capturing capability in smaller surf.

Similar to all CBC foam surfboards, the structural material is high grade and the shape of the 7′ is top quality. The core and top deck are made with EPS waterproof foam that will certainly withstand waterlog and degeneration. The high-density polyethylene slick bottom is extremely hydrodynamic for a smooth ride down the line. You’ll be assured board strength with the three stringers within, breaking and damages will not be a concern. Kids like these surfboards because of the awesome aesthetic.

California Board Company 7’

To make this beginner surfboard stick out in design in any type of line up the wooden graphics and neon green stripes wrap the base and top deck. The CBC 7 ‘ creates the illusion of an old school wood without the bulky weight and stiffness. A traction pad and easy to mount pop through fins make these surfboards for beginners are ready right after acquisition.

# 7 BIC Sport G-Board EVO

BIC is a leading brand of surfboards for beginners, and the Sport G-Board EVO is an excellent example of this. The materials of the board building are extremely sturdy and the shape is best for training to ride waves.

This foam surfboard for beginners comes in 5’6”, 7’0”, 8’0”, and 9’0” sizes, so surfers of every size and shape can love it. The round nose and squash tail provides great balance for beginners, yet are additionally maneuverable for more skilled surfers on smaller waves.

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The 5′ 6″ size will be an ideal first surfboard for children discovering to surf, as it is much easier to maneuver down the wave. Advanced surfers looking for a challenge will likewise enjoy this size, also. The 7′ 0″ size will be an excellent first surfboard for teens and smaller women, while the 8′ 0″ and 9′ 0″ sizes are terrific for taller adults, as men.

As with all BIC boards, the Board EVO is made to take a beating and has smooth, resistance to scratches and punctures HDPE bottom. The foam top is waterproof and will not saturate by water. BIC Sport G – Board EVO is hands down a great first surfboard for all sizes of beginners.

# 8 Thurso Surf 5′ 10″ Fish Surfboard

Innovation surfboards are popular today and the Thurso 5′ 10″ Fish has a one-of-a-kind and fun shape. Perfect as a good first surfboard for kids or an advanced surfer aiming to add an intriguing board to their quiver. The high quality of this surfing board makes it a fantastic investment for kids and grownups.

Closed-cell EPS foam constitutes the top deck is watertight and damage-proof. The bottom deck is made from heat laminated HDPE, it is responsive and provides a high rate on the wave. The surfing board is thick, light, and buoyant so you’ll be catching waves for hrs!

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The two wood stringers include rigidness and stamina, while still have flex for seamless turns. Kids will certainly take pleasure in how very easy it is to turn this surfing board and grownups will be thrilled with the responsiveness. The fish tail includes a wonderful surface area to the surfing board for stability while little surfers are training to pop up and stand on the waves.

The Thurso Surf 5′ 10″ Fish includes a 6′ leash with stainless steel swivel, very easy to set up twin fin set, and a top deck with traction therefore no wax is required! Kids can learn to surf on this surfing board and it will grow with the growth of their entry-level. Grownups can catch the little waves on this board for a fun challenge. To sum up, we want to emphasize that this Thurso 5′ 10″ Fish is a terrific surfboard for any person’s collection.

# 9 Giantex 6′ Foamie Surfboard

The Giantex 6’ Foamie is a perfect beginner surfboard for kids! well as proceeding into advanced waves and tricks. This surfboard is light, buoyant, and very maneuverable. Kids can learn to surf balance, as well as progressing into more advanced tricks and waves. The blue and yellow flame graphics are great and extremely fashionable that kids do love. Grownups who want a terrific small wave board will also enjoy the Giantex 6′.

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The EPS foam core is adaptable for responsiveness however also rigid to keep board shape and stability. It is also waterproof to avoid waterlogging and decomposition. The top deck around the foam is made with an EPE foam layer that is UV and scratch proof.

A leash, traction pad, and pop through fins are featured with your purchase. It will certainly be ready to surf and you’ll have your little surfing shredding before you recognize it. It is one of the best investment beginner boards and the Giantex 6’ Foamie can be surfed for years to come since this board can be ridden at all levels of surfing capability.

How To Choose a Surfboard For Beginners

Types of Surfboard

There are 3 standard surfboard types. “Fiberglass” boards, epoxy boards, and soft-top or foam boards. Fiberglass surfboards have the typical design, while epoxy and foam surfboards have slightly more recent modern technology.

Fiberglass surfing boards are built with foam core blanks that are layered with fiberglass and polyester resin to provide toughness and structure. Polyester resin is terrific because it makes and shiny, smooth surface and is simple to form. It glides via the water quite possibly and develops actually amazing deck designs.

The downside of fiberglass with polyester material is that it can get harmed a little less complicated than epoxy or foam top boards. It is likewise the heaviest board medium. The top deck of fiber surfing boards always require wax so your feet do not slip off in the water.

Epoxy resin is really easy to form and creates a matte finish over the fiberglass. Epoxy is actually more durable than polyester material and thus coming to be a prominent substitute among shapers. Epoxy also dries faster, so the wait time for a surfing board is shorter.

Many surfers vow that polyester boards ride better. We consider, polyester fiberglass boards are a lot more responsive, however, at the same time, epoxy boards float much better and are easier to get into waves. Everything depends on what you want.

EPS foam core surfing boards do not require top layers of fiberglass and resin, that’s because they are cheap (low cost) beginner surfboards. Which is a great concept if you want to learn to surf before you invest in a hard board.

EPS is additionally watertight, whereas foam cores in boards with fiberglass are not. If you dent or put a hole in the deck of a fiberglass board, it will waterlog, and the foam might also begin to rot. EPS foam boards have a slick, plastic base, but the rails and top deck are all made from soft foam. Occasionally a shaper might add a smooth, extremely light coat of resin, but just for maintaining the foam smooth.

Foam boards are the most buoyant sort of surfboards. They aren’t quite as responsive as polyester or epoxy surfboards, however, they catch waves the best. They’re the best surfboards for beginners. When starting, you want a great stable beginner board that isn’t very responsive, otherwise, you’ll lose your balance.

Foam boards are likewise great since they are slow-moving and really broad, providing the beginner surfer plenty of time to pop up and train balance on the wave.


For beginners, you normally will need a surfing board that is an excellent proportion to height and weight. The same goes for children. As you progress, you can always go shorter. Starting, you’ll require an adequate volume of the board to sustain your weight and improve your balance.

Typical to bigger sized male grownups ought to seek a board that goes to least 49 liters and 8′ high. Smaller sized women and younger children and teenagers can go even smaller sized. There are lots of size graphs you can find online and in surf shops.


Boards for beginners are usually inexpensive. Sometimes people try to surf and after some time they realize they don’t like it. When you are starting, it’s better to purchase a cheaper board for this reason. You would definitely dislike purchasing a 1500 dollar board simply to find out you don’t like surfing! As for kids, they outgrow gear very quickly, so this is another good reason to buy a cheaper board.

How To Get Started

Beaches for Beginners

Excellent beginner beaches regular have waves that are continually smaller sized and also softer. You need a wave that relocates slower so you have more time to try to pop up. Smaller waves not only move slower, but they are also easier to maneuver on. Examples of good beginner beaches:

  • Blackies Beach in Newport;
  • Waikiki Beach in Hawaii;
  • The Jersey Shore Beach in New Jersey;
  • California Beach.

If you don’t know where beginner beaches are around you, it’s better to ask at your local surf shop or search for this information on the Internet. Learning to catch waves takes much time, and also you never want to put yourself in any situation that is out of your skill level. The ocean water is unforeseen and care needs to always be exercised.

How to Surf for Beginners

The first thing you need to do is take a surf lesson. It is almost impossible to learn how to surf on your own. I’ve seen plenty of beginners get into dangerous situations and develop bad habits because they didn’t know how the ocean water was moving or they didn’t understand the correct technique from a surf instructor.

Training makes perfect. Do as several pop-ups as you can after you learn how to do them ashore. This will educate your muscles as well as it will be much easier to pop-up in the water.

Begin in whitewash. Whitewash moves slower and is simpler to stand-in. Position your beginner surfboard towards land and also start paddling when you see the whitewash coming.

Use your popping up skill you’ve been training when you feel the push of the whitewash.

After popping up, training to stay on your beginner surfboard by expanding your arms out and also a little bending your knees. This will lower your center of mass and provide you additional balance. Try riding all the way to the coast!

Newbie Surf Tips

When you progress to surfing waves before they have actually broken, you’ll be surfing with people that are much more knowledgeable and clearly understand surf etiquette truly well. Make sure you find out how people take turns catching waves, and also who gets the right-of-way.

Do not drop in on people. The most convenient method to ruin the vibe in the line up is to take waves that you don’t have the right of way on. If somebody is closer to the top of the wave or already standing up, it means that they have the wave. There’s always one more wave!

Learn how the ocean functions. Take as much time as you can to learn how tides, currents, and wave energy works. It will keep you risk-free and also aid you catch more waves.

Behave as well as have a good time! Surfing is expected to be fun, as well as there’s never a factor to get dismayed regarding it. When you paddle out, be nice to other surfers, and do not be a wave hog.

Health advantages of surfing

As with any exercise, increasing your heart rate as well as making use of muscle mass leads to an increase in endorphins. You will become a happier person if you exercise regularly. Endorphins make you pleased! The ions present in saltwater will only lift your mood even more!

Surfing is also exceptionally helpful for your muscle retention and also joint health. You’ll gain endurance muscle from standing and also paddling up on the wave. Since surf activity does not cause serious stress, you can keep your joints active without the friction that can occur when doing sports such as running.

Being in nature is our natural environment as well as it minimizes anxiety considerably. There have been numerous research studies that show how remaining in nature regularly has actually reduced individuals’ anxiety levels. This is truly great for your high blood pressure and also heart health.

Surfing exercises for newbies

Cross-training is a good suggestion for any kind of sporting activity. Below are some good workouts you can do on land to enhance your time in the water.

  • Squats

You will have to do a little squat on the surfboard, so practicing squats ashore will help you a lot. Put your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your back straight and lower slowly until your knees are nearly at a 90-degree angle. Pause for 5 seconds, after that return up. I would recommend starting with three sets of 10, but you can increase them as much as you want.

  • Push-ups

Paddling requires a lot of arm muscles, and push-ups can develop your stamina. While doing pushups, try not to lower your chin below your elbows, as this can have a bad effect on your joints.

  • Jogging/running

Long-distance running and also running exercises boost your cardiovascular endurance, which you’ll require in the water.

  • Swimming

Swimming is also a terrific method to boost the cardiovascular system and boost paddling power if you hate running or have problems with your knees. Try doing some laps at your local swimming pool, or in a body of water protected from strong currents.

Surf etiquette for newbies

  • Paddle out only in conditions suitable for your surf skill level. Waves and water conditions outside of your surf experience put you and other beginner surfers at risk for injury or worse.
  • Wait for your surf turn. Surfer of any level understands that you can’t paddle straight to the beginning of the line up as soon as you get out into the ocean. Find out where the wave is breaking and when it will be your turn by starting on the wave’s shoulder.
  • Never let your beginner surfboard go! Always wear a leash. If you are paddling out and wave accidents on top of you, don’t just throw your beginner surfboard to the side, hold on to it as best you can. If you are paddling out and a wave crashes on top of you, don’t just throw your board to the side, but hold on to it as best you can. Having a stray surfboard in the line up suggests accidents as well as injury to other pro and beginner surfers. You swiftly will be understood as a kook for losing your beginner surfboard.

Frequently Asked Question

How much are novice surfboards?

Newbie surfboards are typically made with plastic or foam materials that are more affordable than standard fiberglass and polyester resin. They additionally have plastic fins that are good for novices and also HDPE bottom decks that are less costly material as well. A typical board for a medium-sized adult will be 8 to 10 feet long, and the price is $ 250 to $ 500. You can get a made use of a beginner surfboard for a little much less. If you’re learning to surf for the first time, you’d better start by buying a used surfboard that costs a little less.

Where can you buy the best surfboard for beginners?

I wouldn’t stray from this list if you are looking for the finest novice surf boards at the finest offers. The high quality and also efficiency are all detailed right here on this web site. If you intend to buy one from another source, surf stores, and utilized sport goods websites are great areas to start. A warning, nevertheless, you won’t be guaranteed fantastic high quality and also wave performance like the boards on our list of top ten novice surfboards.

What are novice surfboards constructed out of?

There is no doubt that learning to surf most beginners will often fall. If their surfboard doesn’t hit them after a wipeout, it will surely hit another surfer. Newbie surfboards are normally made with soft foam or light epoxy to lower the possibility of injury in case a collision happens.

Epoxy and foam boards are much stronger than typical fiberglass boards. They don’t ding as easily, will not waterlog, and also are resistant to punctures and holes. When you’re learning how to handle a surfboard, it’s always a good idea to use a stronger material.

How long are newbie surfboards?

The length of the board depends on the height of the surfers. Usually, a longboard surfboard such as 8 or 9 inches is the perfect board for an adult. The extra length and volume longboard surfboard will be good for learning how to stand and train balance. Smaller teenagers or children who want to learn to surf don’t need this much size of longboard surfboard, so it’s excellent to begin their learning to surf on smaller boards. The size chart above is an excellent guide.

Final Words – Which Surf Board Should You Buy?

For children, the CBC 7′ newbie surfboard or the Giantex 6′ Foamie are terrific. These boards are light and thick and have great buoyancy. This will allow you to easily learn how to pop-up, balance on the wave, trim as well as turn. Since these boards are shorter in size, children and teenagers will have no problems maneuvering them.

If you are an adult, the 8′ Verve entry-level Soft Top surfboard from South Bay Board Co. would be the right board. It is made with top-grade materials and is perfectly formed for novices. The wide tail and also nose give the deck terrific stability for learning to stand on the board and also easy to paddle. The ideal thickness and buoyancy allow getting the great feeling of riding waves and the watertight EPS foam is a wonderful material for decreased risk of injury and also damage to the 8′ Verve Soft-Top board from South Bay Board Co. Before you know it, you’ll be up and also surfing in a snap!

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