Best Longboard Surfboards Reviews – Comprehensive Guide

Best Longboard Surfboards

Not all longboards are the same. Some are made with better materials than others and have a far better shape.

You don’t intend to acquire a longboard you won’t be happy with, right? Naturally not! You want a board that is not only fun and interesting to ride yet is fantastic quality too.

Did you understand you additionally do not need to pay a lot of money for a terrific longboard? There are brand names of longboard surfboards that offer skilled surfboard shaping, top quality, and affordable costs all packed right into one wonderful buy! To take the tedious work out of longboard study for you, we have written our review of the best longboard surfboards which you will be able to find on the market. Get analysis and catch waves easy!

Best Longboards On The Marketplace

# 1 Best Overall: SBBC Verve 8′

  • A most flexible soft-top longboard
  • High-performance nose and tail shape
  • Three aquatic grade stringers for strength

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# 2 Wavestorm 8′ Surfboard, Sunburst Graphic

  • Best longboard surfboard for beginners
  • HDPE bottom deck is damaged resistant
  • Water-proof foam leading deck

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# 3 Wave Bandit Gravy Rider 8′

  • Coolest surfboard graphics on the market
  • Versatile shape
  • Lightweight and sturdy

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The 6 Best Longboard Surfboards

# 1 SBBC 8′ Verve – Best Longboard Surfboard for beginner and advanced surfers

The 8′ Verve is flexible, with the ability to be ridden in small, mushy waves or head high hollow tubes. Its sturdiness makes it a durable surfboard and its standard longboard surfboard shape will certainly offer you a retro trip reminiscent of the 60’s boards.

The shut cell foam core of the surfboard is water-proof and will certainly not waterlog the board. Due to the fact that it is vacuum cleaner built, instead of heat laminated flooring together, it is far more resilient than the typical longboard.

The triple stringer inside the inner foam core additionally maintains surfboard strength and shape, so damaging will certainly not be a concern.

The foam core is covered with ground damaging technology called Fingerprint-textured IXPE Foam. It is water-resistant and distinctive, so no need to wax the deck!

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The bottom of the surfboard is made with the strongest high thickness polyethylene. It’s damage proof, rigid and solid. You will not need to tension regarding dings or scratches with this board. The bottom of the surfboard is additionally double concave for a high-performance flight.

The SBBC 8′ additionally has a bit much more nose rocker, making it extra responsive and simple to turn than the majority of novice longboards. This indicates they can be surfed by all levels of surfers!

This surfboard comes with its own collection of locating, with the fin holes being lined and water-resistant. This is a wonderful deal for such a great board with so several devices.

# 2 Best Beginner Longboard Surfboard: Wavestorm 8′, Sunburst Graphic

If you desire the best high-performance longboard for newbies, look no further. Wavestorm is a beginner longboard surfboard and it has actually been the leading brand name for beginner foam surfboards for several years.

Surfers can discover them almost anywhere, from Costco shops to

The 8′ is made with light-weight foam, so it is simple to get it to the coastline. It’s additional thick which gives it excellent buoyancy to get into waves.

The rails are great and sharp, wonderful for maintaining a riding in smaller white clean. Knowing just how to stand and balance with this board will really feel much more natural.

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The EPS foam core is soft and incredibly strong, and likewise waterproof.

Surfers will not have to bother with the board getting waterlogged or deteriorating from moisture. The slick HDPE base deck means defense from damages like rips or scratches.

Wavestorm 8′ includes intuitive pop-through fins and a chain. A grip pad for your back foot is also pre-connected on the top deck. You can’t defeat the offer you’ll obtain when acquiring this board.

# 3 Best longboard Surfboard for Beginner Surfers: Wave Bandit Gravy Rider 8′

This foam top is a functional design and can be delighted in by everyone.

Wave Bandit as a brand is unique and enjoyable and uses boards and feelings unlike any other. Buyers will certainly value the performance and ability to move off the Gravy Rider 8′.

The shapers who made this board drew in the nose and tail a little to make them slimmer. You will not dig your rails or pearl with this foamie.

It still has lots of volume and buoyancy though, so it is still excellent for getting involved in waves quickly and offers wonderful security.

This longboard flight excellent however is additionally durable as heck.

The bottom deck keeps rigidness and toughness by being made from scratch immune polyethylene.

The core is constructed of EPS foam, which is water-proof and is very immune to slits and splits. Dual maple wood stringers are water-resistant and guarantee that your Ben Gravy EZ Rider 8′ will not damage or decline in shape or efficiency.

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What is the best aspect of this soft top board? It’s awesome graphics created by professional surfer Ben Gravy himself.

The bottom of the board is tiled with a great pineapple putting on sleek shades over a background of bright yellow.

The pop-through fins are a wonderful different black and they are very easy to install. The holes for the fins are lined and waterproof as well.

Every Gravy EZ Rider comes full with a leash and chain string too. You’ll be all set to bill the waves instantly when you obtain your hands on this board.

# 4 Best Longboard Surfboard for Experienced Surfers: California Board Company 9′

If you want a trendy retro-looking longboard I would suggest the 9′ California Board Company bolsa visuals board.

The wood laminate is similar to the exciting technologies of surfing in the ’60s and will offer a true Malibu spirit.

Though it looks like wood, it’s really made with high-grade EPS foam. 100% extremely immune and waterproof to harm like scratches and openings.

It’s large, thick, and buoyant so it will certainly be simple to learn to capture waves on.

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With a round nose and a broad tail, the longboard supplies optimum equilibrium and stability.

I would certainly advise this longboard not only for beginner surfers but also for a huge teenager or an ordinary to large-sized grownup since it has a lot of size and buoyancy. These boards are also suitable for experienced surfers.

If the gorgeous graphics were not motivation enough to get this board, it also includes 3 fins with water-resistant nylon screws, and they are very easy to set up. The leash and string that come with this board are likewise premium quality and will certainly have you all set to surf in a snap!

# 5 StormBlade 9′ Longboard Surfboard for Beginner Surfers

Stormblade is an absolutely one-of-a-kind brand, creating board styles for many years into the best longboard for beginners.

The 9′ longboard is perhaps the best beginner surfboard they use and would be a wonderful buy.

The high volume is wonderful for beginners, while the round rails will certainly have progressed surfers moving down the wave in style.

You can utilize this board when you are finding out to pop up in the whitewash or carve up and down the face of big outside waves.

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Stormblade is not a brand to stint products. They utilize the finest EPS foam for the top deck that is solid and water-proof.

The high-density polyethylene base deck is hydrodynamic and resistant to damage. When it comes to the top layer of the board, you obtain 4mm thick EBS-IXL foam that will keep the longboard looking new for many years to find. The wood stringers are 3 aquatic plies in design, assisting to provide security against breakage.

The fins are simple and additionally waterproof to mount. They fit into sealed and water-proof pop via holes that likewise prevent waterlogging. The dual swivel leash is consisted of with purchase, along with a chain string for accessory to the board.

Stormblade 9′ can ride essentially any type of wave and can be made use of by beginner and advanced surfers. And with all the added accessories it features, surfers can’t say this board to be an outstanding addition to any individual’s quiver.

# 6 NSP Elements – High-Performance Longboard for Experienced Surfers

The NSP Elements is one of the most searched for foam longboards on the marketplace. It’s not unusual, as a result of its innovative designs and top quality products.

The boards are completely shaped to be amazing with major longevity, great for any kind of type of wave and surfer.

The Elements version is the best representation of why NSP is such a terrific brand name.

The interior foam core is formed with solid epoxy resin and 100% water-proof. The bottom part is made with slick HDPE.

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The solid and double scooped shape makes this board extremely receptive.

Surfers won’t have to fret about damage to the longboard when it is made this tough.

This longboard consists of an 8″ center fin made of nylon and two M3 side fins from FCS to make a high performance 2 + 1 fin theme. The fins are long enduring and can be set up in a pinch. The NSP Elements Longboard ought to be on your radar if you’re looking for a solid surfboard for newbies that will stick with you as your capabilities expand.

Longboard Surfboard Sizes Graph

Various heights and weights of surfers will certainly need a different quantity of buoyancy, length, and volume in a surfboard. If you obtain a board that is as well small to drift you, it will be really difficult to find out to get into waves. It will be near impossible to find out to transform if a board is as well big for the surfer. Below is an extensive surfboard dimension chart for kids and adults.

Longboard Surfboard Size Chart

Picking Your Longboard


Longboards have a lot more surface area, making them really good for gliding on the water and catching waves. They can additionally be more challenging to maneuver, as there is so a lot more board to turn.

You will certainly desire a much shorter longboard if you desire a longboard that turns quickly and plains down the wave at faster speeds. The shorter the longboard, the easier switching will be, and the faster it will surf. It just depends on the design of surfing you are going for and what your capacity is.

Board Shape and Design

When you’re taking a look at boards from 6′ 6″ to 7′ 6″, you can describe them as “fun boards.” These boards are ridden by beginner surfers but can be ridden by brief board fanatics because of how quickly they can turn and exactly how well they elude dive.

Standard “shortboards” are typically 6′ 6″ and smaller sized. They don’t have nearly as much buoyancy, making them more difficult to enter into waves, but experienced surfers have developed the muscle mass to paddle so they don’t require as much buoyancy. They are receptive and loosened, so more experienced surfers enjoy them.

Traditional longboards are the longest type of surfboard is a “longboard,” they are about 7′ 6″‘ and longer. They are vast, thick, and have rounded noses. The tails are normally broader too. What you shed in the ability to move, you can in equilibrium, security, and control.

Fish boards are a type of shortboard in length, yet are shaped a little different. They are wider, with noses that are slightly rounded, and have what’s called a fishtail due to the fact that it splits into 2 like the pets. They are much thicker also, so they are buoyant and get into waves well. Fish boards are typically one tier down from a funboard.

Though they are short, they provide a slower, smooth smoother flight than a high-performance shortboard. With a fishtail, you can obtain added area without adding bulk to the board. The wider tail gives more stability while transforming, as well.


This makes the longboard “rigid,” which is fantastic if you want to maintain your instructions in the waves or discover to surf. Tough rails make the board much looser, implying it’s simple to turn, however the board doesn’t maintain its line down the wave. This is excellent if you desire a board that turns truly quick and is incredibly maneuverable without much effort.


Pintails use the most stable and will certainly not change the surfboards’ instructions conveniently. For boards like those ridden in large waves where you require to keep your direction, this tail kind is essential.

Spherical tails are excellent for boards that are looser and more maneuverable. Round tails make the board much easier to transform with, yet are harder to stabilize on, as the board can alter instructions really quickly.

Squash and the square tail have the most surface area, making it the easiest tail to transform. Square tails and squash tails are commonly used on conventional longboards. They make up for the length of time the board is by making them much easier to turn.

Fishtails are most proper for smaller and softer waves without much rate or power. Reduced speed and power despite the wave can make balancing more difficult, so the large width of the fishtail makes up for that, as it is very easy to turn. The rails on the suggestions of the fishtail are hard, providing the board additional stability while keeping the ability to move.


Rocker is used so the tail and nose do not dig into the water and make you wipe out. Longboards generally have much less rocker, making them great for getting into waves but they pearl less complicated. Shortboards usually have a lot of rockers. This makes it more difficult to get into waves, but you won’t have to stress over pearling as you carve up and down the wave.

Fin Types

There are four fundamental kinds of fin setups: solitary fin, thruster, twin-fin, and quad fin. Normally, larger fins select bigger boards, and smaller sized fins choose smaller boards, but any kind of shape of longboard can have various methods the fins are set up. Boards can have up to five fins in one established.

Single fin established can commonly be discovered on longboards. The turns are slower and longer and having one fin benefits keeping your line. This can make turning a little harder with a single fin, nevertheless.

A thruster fin established is a board with two side fins and a middle fin. This is a very maneuverable setup. These fins are much smaller, which makes the trip looser and the board more receptive. Generally made use of for hostile switching and extreme carving.

The twin fin established selects boards that have the ingest or fishtail. There is no need for a center fin as seen in thruster establish since the V shape cuts the middle material out of the tail where the third fin would usually go.

These longboard surfboards aren’t the best for big waves, as they do not hold the board in equilibrium extremely well. On waves that are smaller sized and easier, where balance isn’t as much of a problem, quad setups are wonderful.

Beginners Guide To Longboard Surfing

A longboard is simpler to learn on than shortboards, however more difficult to understand. This is because the degree of equilibrium and gracefulness required to be a sophisticated surfer is detailed and very intense. But learning on a longboard couldn’t be much easier.

The excellent aspect of discovering on a longboard is you can stick with it for life, mastering techniques like hanging and strolling the nose ten, or button to short boarding as soon as you master catching and riding waves. Below is a very easy to adhere to a detailed overview of discovering longboard surfing.

Getting into waves

If you have a board that is large and has wonderful buoyancy, it will be make catching waves process much faster. If you are a bigger grownup, or much heavier than average, I would go all the method up to 9′ long like the California Board Company 9′ longboard.

Do not take off too early or too late

If you are finding out on your very own, you can experiment with how quickly or late you begin paddling so you can get an idea of when your board obtains into waves the most effectively. Paddle as well late, and the energy of the wave will certainly go right under you, creating you to miss out on the wave.

Turning up

When you can feel the power of the wave relocating you and you don’t have to paddle any longer, appear as fast as you can. If you wait too long to appear, it will certainly be more difficult to balance and you probably will drop. Popping up can be shown by surf instructors, but you can also locate tutorials similar to this one on websites like YouTube.

Riding the wave

Eventually, you will have so much method that you can try tougher actions like hanging your toes over the board’s nose. Great luck with your longboarding journey and have fun!

Longboard Surfing Tricks

Longboards aren’t usually recognized for big airs, bashing the lip, or other shortboard methods. Rather, they are implied to travel in a fairly straight line down the wave so you can do things like “stroll the board” or ‘hang 10.”.

Strolling the board is fun and my personal preferred longboard task. When you have popped up and have a good area on the wave, you can cross one foot over the other until you are at the top of the board, in the direction of the nose.

Hanging 10 is one of the most enjoyable things to do. You have all ten toes over the longboard’s nose after you have strolled the board all the way to the top. Due to the fact that you can not see the board beneath you at this point, it really feels as if you are moving over the water with nothing beneath you. It’s the coolest sensation ever before.

Must-Have Longboard Surfboard Accessories

If you lose your board, it could strike one more surfer, triggering injury and at the extremely least, an opponent in the lineup. In tougher surf, you do not want to get stuck in the ocean without your board, as it can be very hard to swim back to shore with heavy currents and slit tides.

Grip pads are an option of a device that offers your back foot added equilibrium while surfing. The pad has a high amount of bumpy grip, so you won’t need to bother with your back foot falling or sliding off the board while turning.

One great means to safeguard the deck of your longboard is by obtaining a board sock or bag. This will certainly decrease the circumstances of scratching or holes while you are moving the board to the break. Super padded board bags are necessary if you are planning to bring your board on a plane. The airport team will toss your board around equally as much as any other baggage, and it’s vital to have some sort of protection.

For boards with glossy top decks, the wax will certainly aid you to maintain your feet on the board. The two most preferred brands are “Sex Wax” and “Sticky Bumps.” You can find out surf wax at any kind of surf shop or online.

Longboard Surfboard Pros and Cons


Longboard surfboards, as I’ve mentioned previously, will certainly have the most convenient time getting into waves. It does not take much paddle power to get their speed up. You can enter waves previously also because longboards can be grabbed by the wave faster than a shortboard.

The increased length and deck width are likewise perfect for equilibrium and stability. Longboards also travel slower in the waves. They are excellent for newbie surfers and smaller waves that are more challenging to paddle into because of their absence of wave power.


Longboard surfboard is more difficult to transport. Soft top high-performance longboards are lighter, yet they are heavy and it’s still difficult to store. Longboards have a more difficult time suitable inside vehicles, so you need to get surf shelves to obtain them to the coastline.

As I have actually stated earlier, high-performance longboards are much better at keeping a straight line than turning. It takes extra initiative to get all that board carving and turning. High-performance longboard surfboards with a thruster set up can transform much easier, yet are still not as maneuverable as a shorter surfboard.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Longboard Surfboards For Beginners?

Longboards generally have enough quantity and surface area that they make excellent newbie boards. Foam top longboards are also better, because they are softer, and therefore much safer. Longboards travel down the wave at a slower rate than short boards, so you will have more time for practicing your balance and turning.

Should I Apply Wax On My Soft-Top Longboard Surfboard?

Many soft top surfboards included a top deck with a great deal of traction. Some, however, are extremely slick and will certainly need some sort of surf wax.

Do I Need Prior Athletic Training Before I Start Surfing?

Any individual with any degree of health and fitness and sports ability can take up surfing. Surfing is not an instinctive procedure, and even the most athletically gifted person will certainly have a tough time learning to stand on relocating water. Though surfing can be testing to discover, it is just one of the funniest, most addicting tasks to do. You’ll thank your lucky stars you got one of the surfboards on our checklist and began surfing.

Cross-training, like other sports, running and lap swimming can be great methods to remain in shape for surfing. Surfing itself is a terrific method to improve though, and the more time you invest in the water, the much better you will certainly go to it.

As for the top layer of the board, you obtain 4mm thick EBS-IXL foam that will certainly maintain the board looking new for years to come. If you desire a board that turns quickly and plains down the wave at faster rates, you will certainly want a shorter board. Hard rails make the board much looser, implying it’s simple to transform, but the board doesn’t keep its line down the wave. Usually, bigger fins go with bigger boards, and smaller sized fins go with smaller boards, however, any kind of shape of longboard surfboard can have various methods the fins are established up. Super padded longboard surfboard bags are necessary if you are planning to bring your board on an aircraft.

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