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BIC Surfboards Review

History of BIC Surfboards

BIC Sport was founded in 1979 first producing windsurfing gear. BIC’s History with surfboards BIC Sport began producing the first molded surfboards in 1994. This innovative idea opened the sport to many new surfers by offering a winning mix of durability and performance at an affordable price. To develop a complete range of molded surfboards, Bic Surfboards partnered with several of the best Board shapes manufacturers in the market.

One of those shapers, Gerard Dabbadie, counted on the concept of making surfing easily accessible to everybody in addition to the fact that each of his original shapes would certainly be constructed exactly as planned, in each surfboard that came out of the mold. Gerard has been working with the brand since the beginning and still does.

He designed most models in the BIC Surfboard lineup, including the legendary 7’9 as well as 7’3 versions, both of which have seen more than 100,000 units manufactured and shipped from the manufacturing center in Vannes, Brittany.

In the very early 2000s, BIC Surf developed the One Design concept in surfing, where all competitors use the same equipment to level the playing field for all participants. This effort culminated in the Longboard Challenge, an international caliber competition open to all professional surfers. Today the concept lives on with the BIC KID One Design, a one-design surf competition open to up and coming young French surfers who remain faithful to the “one board for all” principle in amateur competitions.

More recently BIC Surf got the European Surf Industry Manufacturers Association Brand of the Year award in 2013 and as well as the Ecoride Gold award in 2013-2016 for environmental commitment throughout the entire design and production process.

The new line of PAINT surfboards BIC has been updated with the shapes of the 7’0 and 8’0 Paint surfboards, now called the Magnum and the Super Magnum, adding the width and also thickness while maintaining a bottom shape and a performance outline. These new surfboards meet a simple goal – to make surfing accessible and fun for every person while keeping solid performance for enthusiast surfers. All Paint models 6’0 and longer now have a comfortable carry handle, located near the rail for carrying comfort for surfers of all sizes, including kids.

The DURA-TEC lineup is still the best option as rental surfboards as well as are the ultimate boards for beginner and intermediate surfers looking for maximum durability and high performance. Don’t worry about being stuck on the coastline due to broken or dinged surfboard- surf without worries and spend more time in the water! For a higher level of lightweight performance, the epoxy ACE-TEC series delivers with proven shapes and much higher durability than other epoxy surfboards on the marketplace.

BIC boards have a wide range of sizes, shapes, and composite board materials. Constant innovation, environmental friendliness in the production process, reliability, and durability – this is what distinguishes BIC surfboards from others. Made in France for all surfing skills and styles, all of these elements are combined in the DNA of BIC Surfboards, which is why the boards are today one of the largest surfboard brands in the world.

BIC Sport Softboard (Paint Series)

Bic Surfboards have designed the BIG Sport Paint Softboard Series for surfers looking to get into surfing with a user friendly, yet well-functioning and non-limiting in terms of further development as skills progress.

BIC Sport’s shapers, design team, and test pilots have pretty much tested and tweaked the BIC Sport Softboard series to ensure stability and usability.

The BIC Sport Soft – Paint series utilize custom-made precision aluminum molds to guarantee consistency, high quality, and longevity of the EPS foam blanks.

BIC Paint

The BIC Sport Paint Series surfboards are enhanced with fiberglass and epoxy resin to make them longer-lasting and strong than many normal soft top boards.

A low-profile built-in carry-handle makes it easy to transport for surfers of any size, a unique feature for surf learners who have to carry big boards.

With performance soft fins and with properly designed rocker profiles PAINT BIC surfboards aren’t just for first-timers, they’re fun for skilled surfers also.

Paint Series

Key Features:

  • The low-profile carry handle is ideally positioned for easy transportation without compromising ride comfort.
  • Very forgiving, easy to ride shapes for instant success.
  • Includes fin systems to get you up and running into the waters.
  • Precision aluminum molded cores to reproduce the original shape, board after board.
  • Fiberglass & epoxy strengthened core is made for toughness and boosted product lifetime in any kind of conditions.
  • Soft IXPE foam top/rails and soft fins are made for convenience and easy to use performance.
  • Low-profile bring manage preferably placed for easy transportation without affecting riding comfort.
  • Long-lasting protective deck layer to shield graphics
  • Soft, user-friendly fins with performance shapes.

6’0 Shortboard

With a slightly larger width and increased length, the 6’0 Shortboard has significantly more volume, so it’s better suited to slightly older children or anyone who wants a little more stability in their surfboard.

The 6’0 Shortboard introduces the handhold in the deck making it much easier to carry. that makes it much easier to bring.

60 Shortboard

Tri fin set up with fins included.

Size: 6’0″ x 21″ x 3.18″ (42 L)

6’6″ Maxi Shortboard

The extended, wider, and thicker Bic Paint 6’6″ Maxi Shortboard will conveniently float a grown-up learner as well as children and gives enough float and stability making it easier and more forgiving for a learner.

66″ Maxi Shortboard

Size: 6’6″ x 21.25″ x 3.38″ (49L)

7’0 Magnum Board

The brand new Bic Surfboards 7’0 Magnum is stepping into the mini-mal territory. This board is developed for riders looking for great fun and good progression.

The Magnum boards have a larger width than shorter Paint boards yet it’s really not as thick. The width of the board also provides better stability.

70 Magnum Board

With a volume of 61 liters and a square tail, these boards are a stable platform on which it is easy to paddle and run into the waters quickly.

Dimension: 7’0″ x 22.50″ x 2.75″ (61L)

8’0 Super Magnum Board

Bic Surfboards Super Magnum 8’0 is a licensed cruiser that could float a surfer of practically any kind of weight. At just 8’0″ but packing 98L of volume this surfboard will catch waves easily including tiny gutless waves yet provides versatility in any kinds of waves.

80 Super Magnum Board

This surfboard will suit a larger surfer/learner but can be a bit large and challenging for lighter and younger children.

Size: 8’0″ x 23.50″ x 3.75″ (98L).

BIC Sport G-Board Learner/ Surf School Softboard range

Bic Surfboards G-Board series is a learner/surf college collection that offers enough safety, sturdiness, and high quality.

These surfboards are designed to withstand the unavoidable bumps and hard use that come with learning to catch the first waves, and because of this, these boards are popular in surf schools around the world.

Best for:

  1. Surf training and fast progression. The optimum shapes for first-timers, for safety, surfer comfort, and long-term reliability.
  2. It’s also best for surf schools that need high-strength and genuine “soft” surfboards with a soft core, for heavy usage in a wide range of wave conditions (including aggressive physical conditions).
  3. Also for families and surfers who want a super-solid low-risk surfboard that will certainly give many seasons of enjoyment.

BIC Sport G Board Learner


  • Premium, super-soft, and brand new G-BOARDS construction (deck, rails, fins) are created for maximum comfort and stress-free surfing.
  • Lots of volume and width for superb stability when catching waves and standing up easily right from the start.
  • Reliable surfing performance for continuous progress.
  • Some models have a thruster fin set up.
  • Long term durable for many years of reliable use, even when used in a surf school environment.
  • Outstanding long-term investment.
  • To fulfill the needs of especially surf clubs and schools, or learners and families who are looking for the safest possible start to surfing, the G-Boards EVO range of soft boards focuses on several clear performance criteria.
  • Short and broad surfboards, with high volume and a relatively flat deck, offer excellent stable platforms for your first take-offs.
  • Proven rocker lines, rail shapes, and surfboard outlines surf terrific when you start to progress.
  • The core of the surfboard is constructed from a high-quality blank of closed-cell, fully impervious foam, one-of-a-kind to G-Boards.
  • A composite stringer gives the board great tightness along its length, and the board’s slick bottom gives the board exceptional glide, cushioning bumps and providing spectacular knock-resistance.
  • A laminated foam non-skid deck is convenient to paddle, take-off, and stand-up on.
  • The versatile soft fins may be set up as a tri-fin or quad-fin system, and they are very safe but they still have a suitable performance for surfing and durability for training.


  1. 6’0″ x 18 7/8″ x 2 5/8″ (39L): supports weights up to 110lbs / 50kg, perfect for kids.
  2. 7’0″: ≤ supports weights up to 145 pounds / 65kg.
  3. 8’0″: ≤ supports weights up to 165lbs / 75kg.
  4. 9’0″: ≥ supports weights up to 165lbs / 75kg.


Customer Feedback:

  • Users note quality is higher than a lot of other soft top boards.
  • Great float and extremely buoyant.
  • Reliable boards across a wide range of wave sizes and conditions.
  • At a reasonable price.
  • Easy to get and paddle into waves.
  • Catches waves that used to be missed.

BIC Sport G-Board EVO Surfboard Review

The BIC Sport G-Board EVO series is a classic, tried, and true BIC Soft to board model.

The BIC Sport G-Board EVO is a simple and effective Mini Malibu shape.

This BIC Sport board ranges all way from 5’6 to 8’0 and surfboards BIC are composed of an EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) deck, a PE (polyethylene) closed cell foam core, two reinforced composite stringers, and a thruster fin set up (with three soft fins included and twin fins for the 5’6 variation respectively).

BIC Sport G Board EVO Surfboard

The BIC Sport G-Board EVO is a “what you see is what you get” soft top board and this is both its toughness and its weakness. You’ll have sturdy, easy-to-use soft top BIC surfboards that will assist you to catch waves, but after that, don’t expect too much in terms of performance. This is a great board for any surfers looking for a sturdy and reliable board to take out in summer surf. Intermediates who want to get more out of a soft-top should beware and consider a more advanced BIC surfboards model.

BIC Sport ACE-TEC Longboard 9’4″ Surfboard Review

The ACE-TEC may not be the fastest board in BIC Sport’s line of surfboards, but it’s a surprisingly stable, solid, and durable surfboard. And all this at a great price! Without a doubt, the BIC Sport ACE-TEC 9’4″ Longboard will be your best bet in classic longboard surfing!

ACE-TEC technology is a product consisting of precision engineered steel molds that are processed manually by qualified production teams. The ACE-TEC construction makes BIC SPORT surfboards up to 30% more durable than a standard fiberglass longboard! An ASA composite skin covers an epoxy resin wrapped around a polystyrene core produces the most sturdy and lightweight fiberglass possible.

BIC Sport ACE TEC Longboard Surfboard

At the brand new 9’4″ x 22 3/4 weighing only 16.5 pounds, the ACE-TEC longboard from BIC SPORT sticks to the standard and proven longboard shape with an emphasis on the more traditional nose riding, old-school surf style. It also has good volume and stability.

BIC surfboards from the ACE-TEC line are usually large and weighty but do not get bogged down by waves like most of the surfboards with the same characteristics. It allows you to take full advantage of every paddle even in surfing treacherous conditions, gliding more per paddle and requiring less energy expenditure.

The price tag is of decent value, retailing in the middle of the price range of comparable surfboards.

Overall, this ACE-TEC construction board is an excellent mix of lightweight, performance, and durability. It is a must-buy for any longboard amateur!

BIC Sport Dura-Tec

The Dura-Tec construction surfboard is what you certainly need if you need to speed up with cut-backs, off-the-lip, and mid-face maneuvers. This durable and performance-driven shortboard will certainly take you to new heights that will leave you stoked. This is a tough board that can be worn out, but still, pass on to your next of kin for future use.

BIC Sport has taken care not to use cheap components in the Dura-Tec construction boards. Every single component of the Dura-Tec has been pretty much tried and tested by their shapers and engineers to make certain it will function as a whole and that it will last.

BIC Sport Dura Tec

Its unsurpassed toughness and buoyancy make it the go-to choice for any riders who need an easy paddle and stable craft to give them confidence when performing tricks and learning to surf or to catch the first waves.

BIC Surfboards from this range come ready to ride with a set of FCS fins. These boards can be your best beginner surfboard, excellent looking, cleverly developed, durable, and all this at a great price.

The Dura-Tec series of BIC surfboards are characterized as bulletproof and undestroyable. These boards are constructed with the core of a regular polyester surfboard however are draped in a significantly stronger technology.

Such construction done in Dura-Tec BIC surfboards gives a board that is light-weight, durable, and it is resistant to constant knocks and dings that would make a regular polyurethane surfboard require expensive restoration. In short, Dura-Tec boards are unbeatable in durability and performance.

Dura-Tec board series dimensions: 5’10”, 6’7″, 7’0″, 7’3″, 7’6″, 7’9″, 8’4″, 9’4″.


  • 100% Made in France.
  • Affordable price.
  • Hassle-free 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Good maneuverability and board speed
  • Stable and quality proven shapes by Peter Pan and Gerard Dabbadie.
  • Integrated nose guard to enhance board lifetime and all this will bring you hours of fun.
  • Modern board shapes: Fish, Egg, Wahine, Mini Malibu, Noserider, Magnum.
  • Standard FCS fins are included as standard with each board
  • T3+ enhanced graphics for an awesome look.

What We Like:

  • Features a soft top that ensures consistency and safety, especially for beginner surfers
  • Bottom contour that allows for paddling effortlessly.
  • Fantastic buoyancy and balance that aids catch waves.
  • Thicker than a lot of longboards.
  • Easy to ride.
  • Perfect for family use.

What We Don’t Like:

  • These BIC Surfboards can cause issues when turning and maneuvering due to their length.
  • The board may warp when under the sunlight.
  • This BIC board may be too bulky to carry around.
  • For riders brand new to the sport or still very green, the BIC boards of this line that are smaller than 8 feet is a little more difficult than a traditional 8-foot or longer board for catching small mushy waves.

Wrapping Up – Should You Buy a BIC Surfboard?

The BIC surfboard is an extremely worthy addition to your surf quiver! They perform in a wide range of conditions and you can pretty much find any choice for BIC surfboards. Moreover, most BIC surfboards are great for all levels of surfers, especially for intermediate/lighter weight riders.

With decades of research and development and a genuine passion for the water, BIC delivers high-quality boards for a wide range of surfers where others simply outsource and slap a brand on for money.

DURA-TEC boards have amazing stability. Light-weight cores wrapped in strong sturdy shells is a surprisingly simple yet effective way to make lightweight and durable soft tops!

ACE-TEC longboards are really worthy of a paddle out for any typical longboarder. The best balance between light-weight, sturdiness, and performance, these BIC longboards outmatch their competition while providing an incredible surfing experience. Not forget,  the longer the board, the easier to ride.

The prices of the BIC surfboards top off at around $590, but most of their boards are much lower than this price. If you’re still having a hard time looking past this brand, let it go, and don’t hesitate to buy a quality BIC board!

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