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The inner power on waves

When you are eager to surf but have no opportunity to catch a big ocean wave there is still a way to enjoy sliding water surface even the flat one. Thanks to modern technologies many electric surfboards make life easier for those who are into sport. And for surfers, it is an electric surfboard, a relatively new product at least in its modern shape.

How does electric surfboard work?

Electric surfboards are first of all have engine: fuel or electric with a jet or propellor and thus exempts a surfer from a necessity to power it with his own effort.

Electric surfboards may be of different sizes, shapes, and functions. They may be designed in the form of a hydrofoil, SUP, regular surfboard, and others. Some are designed to catch waves smoother, some are designed to make sliding easier, and some are just for enjoying surfing when the water is still and flat.

Where did electric surfboards come from?

Their history starts in Australia in far 1935 where the first motorized surfboard was invented to help lifeguards power through the surf.

In the 1960s when new electric sports equipment became more popular than ever started a rise in different forms of the motorized surfboard. Engineers made a board with an outboard motor, and the one with a jet. But gradually over time, non-viable options gave way to more balanced and simple ones.

Through the years designs and production evolved to the motorized surfboard of today. The powerful watercraft products that have been inspired by the power of nature and men are infatuated with sports that come in different shapes and sizes, suitable for all kinds of situations.

How to choose your electric surfboard?

The perfect choice depends on many factors that can differ from your purposes, body condition, or place to ride. As these boards have more complicated construction compared to regular surfboards, finding the right one can be difficult but still possible. Here are some important characteristics to pay attention to when buying a motorized surfboard.

How to choose your electric surfboard

Board type

There are many shapes and forms and before making the choice of your best you try and investigate their differences. Electric surfboards may be defined as regular shortboards, longboards, SUPs, hydrofoils, and more. Each different form comes with its own purpose that causes various feel and experiences – so be sure to choose the product that is the best for you.

Electric SUP boards are more suitable for relaxing riding alone or with a family.

Hydrofoil on the contrary is for active water sliding at a higher speed and sharp turns.

Some boards can even tow a wakeboarder, while others are designed for a simple surf.

Your purposes and preferences can help you find the right surfboard. One thing you have to take into consideration is your body condition.


Your body shape does not matter but the weight does as for the heavier rider the more powerful engine is needed. And the more powered the motor is the more capaсious the electric part must be and it needs a more spacious compartment and a high-capacity cooling system. And such characteristics cause a higher price.

Take into consideration the output you need for the way of surfing you want to do. Some boards can be designed with a jet or propellers.


The body can be made of solid or inflatable materials. Each of these has its advantages and weaknesses. Inflatable surfboards are easier in transportation and storage as they weigh less. But they a generally slower and are harder to use on big waves.

Solid electric surfboards to the contrary are faster and easier to manage but you have to treat them more carefully and find a bigger storage space.


Electric boards encounter numerous shapes and sizes depending on where you plan to use them, your own sport shape, your height and weight, and of course your experience.

The shape may be oblong like the classic board, squared, oval, or of an irregular shape with a hydrofoil or with handles. If you are focused on using your surf on still inland water try and find a flat one. If you are eager to ride the waves then a curved shape will be the best choice. There are so many varieties and you need to take into account all the incoming conditions to make the right decision.

The best choice of electric surfboards 2020

If you are in search of the best surfboard available for buying currently this review will be useful as a guide in the world of jetboards, electric boards, hydrofoil boards, and scooters. You can find one model of an electric surfboard and start enjoying water sport without wasting any time.

1. Lift eFoil

The unique electric surfboard allows you to feel like you are floating not on the water but over it. The board with hydrofoil unites the feelings of operation a jet pack and a surfboard. As the surfboards with a hydrofoil demand, a decent experience in riding it makes deeper turns possible and allows you to feel the water like nothing else.

Its propulsion system consists of a lithium-ion battery as a power source and a silent propellor motor hidden in a hydrofoil that goes for around an hour and reaches a top speed up to 40 km h. Bluetooth remote control makes it easier to operate and very comfortable on-ride.

Lift eFoil

The body and hydrofoil are made of carbon fiber that makes it solid and durable still light. The surfboard is smooth and sleek consists of several parts that can be detached and reassembled again and it makes the board easy in transportation and storage.

It comes in four different sizes that can fit most riders and kinds of water basins. The manufacturer declares the product to be suitable for any level of riding even the beginners, authorized age is over 16.


  • Solid carbon fiber construction
  • A motorized hydrofoil
  • Propellor engine
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Top speed 40 km h
  • Battery max life 1 hour

2. Awake Ravik S Motorized Surfboard

Fast but not furious. This perfectly designed surfboard makes motorized surfing feel like on real waves. You can float and drift on water or make deep turns and high jumps – this surfboard frees you in your desire to conquer the water.

Eye-catching design with a narrow tail and soft edges will not leave indifferent spectators wherever you appear: on the long white ocean beach or the bank of the river. And when you put it into the water it will show that not only the appearance that worth admiration.

Technically the surfboard is also full of innovations. It can reach the record speed of 56 km/h and you can enjoy each one of them standing on the stable body with twin fin bottom design that will not let you lose your wave. For those who chase adrenalin and know how to harness it.

Awake Ravik S Motorized Surfboard

This is the top electric surfboard of the company and they did their best making it a real must-have for the surfers that value freedom in choosing a style of riding and a basin to use.


  • Top speed 56 kp/h
  • Battery life 45 minutes
  • Twin-fin stability
  • Low buoyancy

3. Radinn Electric Jetboard

Radinn is one of the most well-known manufacturers of electric surfboards. The design and quality of the surfboards they produce play a huge role in this.

The feature that distinguishes these surfboards among other products is that they are completely modular and customizable. Depending on your experience and surfing style you can create the perfect board that’s right for you – you just need to select and mix several different modular components.

Radinn Electric Jetboard

Radinn electric surfboards are made up of three main parts: a body, a jetpack, and a battery. They can be used to assemble a board for both an entry-level and an experienced rider. You can choose between high-capacity batteries for longer distances and a more economical option. Among the backpacks, you can also prefer a medium-level or professional device.

This board is a good option for those who like speed and can travel long distances. They allow both beginners and experienced surfers to conquer the water surface, thanks to the stability and flexibility of the hull. This is a good place to start.


  • Special modular design
  • Uses powerful jet engines
  • Award-winning design
  • High speed and stability
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced

4. Lampuga Electric Surfboard

Lampuga has a double-layer PVC inflatable body, which is very comfortable for the rider. At the same time, the electric surfboard is easy to store and transport, since it is easy to fold and compactly packed.

The inflatable body does not prevent the board from performing its direct function in full. It is powered by a 14 horsepower electric motor and a rechargeable battery that lasts 45 minutes. The acceleration and steering are controlled by a handle attached to the bow, which also helps maintain stability on the water. Thanks to this and the comfortable inflatable body it is the best choice for the beginners or the ones who just want to get some relaxation and enjoy the views around. Also, the electric surfboard can reach a top speed of up to 50 km / h, which is also suitable for experienced riders.

Lampuga Electric Surfboard

This is one of the most convenient options for beginners or water recreation. The board comes in a variety of colors and designs making it more attractive to buy.


  • Fully inflatable board
  • Top speed 50 km / h
  • 14 horsepower moto
  • Double layer PVC construction

5. Onean Carver X

With two electric jet engines and two batteries, the Carver X is one of the fastest boards in the market. Also, it is suitable for heavy riders weighing over 90 kg, the very case when the weight is taken into account by the manufacturer. It is this board that will allow you to enjoy riding on the water anyway, as it is powerful enough for this and can awake your surfing ambitions.

Onean Carver X

The biggest advantage of the board is the 13.6 horsepower, which is twice as much as the base Carver model. It makes sense that the Onean Carver X’s speed is also significantly higher.

The Carver X electric surfboard is easy to operate with wireless remote control that adjusts power in five levels and lets you take care of pressure settings. This fine-tuning makes the board suitable for riders of different riding levels and different bodies of water.

Power is supplied by two built-in batteries, the operating time of which reaches 40 minutes in average surfing mode. If you are looking for a powerful board for the big guys, the Carver X is the one for you.


  • two jet engines
  • Two batteries
  • Suitable for riders over 90 kg.
  • 13.6 horsepower

6. Fliteboard Electric Surfboard

Fliteboard is a range of three premium electric hydrofoil surfboards for ultimate glide performance. Gives the sensation of flying over the waves due to the powerful propulsion system with a hydrofoil which reduces water resistance and allows you to glide smoothly over the surface.

The products are made with a handheld remote control that displays GPS speed, remaining battery power, power consumption per mile, and the various riding modes available.

Fliteboard Electric Surfboard

The advantage of these boards over others is the long battery life which will give you a 1.5-hour ride enjoyment and this is one of the best variants for the long ride. Besides, you can build your own version by choosing a battery, one of three board shapes, hydrofoil, and design and create an electric surfboard that suits you. There are 56 possible combinations in total, so this is really fine-tuned electric surfboard.


  • Motorized hydrofoil
  • Controlled by handheld remote control
  • Choose between three different board models
  • Possibility of combining elements
  • Battery life up to 1.5 hours

7. Blea Motorized Surfboards

Blea is one of the new players in the market for good motorized boards which in addition to innovations is interesting for its affordable price.

The Blea electric surfboard is powered by an 8 HP motor that allows the board to reach a top speed of 30 mph. One of the longest-lasting batteries in the competition holds up to 90 minutes, so you can enjoy your ride to the fullest. And it can be replaced if it fails or runs out of service in a few years.

One of the best surfboards for beginners but also experienced surfers. To master surfing on the Blea electric board, you do not need much effort or investment. It is convenient to travel with it and enjoy riding on any water.

Despite the outward simplicity of the surfboard it is fast and maneuverable and will be able to deliver pleasant sensations to riders of all levels.


  • 8hp motorized surfboard
  • Remote control throttle
  • Top speed 30 mph
  • 1.5 hours of battery life

8. Waterblade Stingray

The Waterblade Stingray attracts attention primarily with its unusual design that distinguishes it from other electric surfers. It is designed for surfing in inland basins where there is no high wave: lakes, rivers, reservoirs. The best surf for families or friends.

The inflatable board is made of durable waterproof material and is more like a SUP in construction. And in shape it resembles a stingray, therefore it is called a stingray. In case you get carried away and don’t notice how the battery has run out, there is an emergency paddle that can be used if the surfboard stops in the middle of a lake.

Waterblade Stingray

Electric surfboards are easy to operate and perfect for fun on the water with friends. The top speed of the board is 8 km / h so it will not be possible to carve sharp turns on the ocean wave but this is not required from such a board it is more suitable for leisurely gliding along the lake and enjoying the views around.

Experience of riding will take some coordination, but once you get the balance you may want riding for at least an hour. This model of an electric surfboard is easy to transport and store as it is easy to inflate and deflate.


  • Inflatable board
  • Direct movement
  • Battery life: 60 minutes
  • Have a spare paddle

9. Torque Jetboards

Torque is one of the most well-known manufacturers of electric surfboards. Their product line includes a range of five models: three inflatable, one of which is designed for children, and two solid ones. All models are equipped with powerful jet engines.

The electric surfboard includes a jetboard specially designed for riders over 90kg and under 80kg. The top speed that the board can develop is 45 km / h.

Torque Electric surfboards are easy to manage with a hand remote control. The manufacturer went further and developed a special application for electric surfboards. The company uses selected materials to reach the high quality of the boards they made. Battery life is not impressive, but you can buy a spare battery in a fireproof case and replace it when the main battery runs out.


  • 5 different surfboards available
  • a rope attached to the nose of the board
  • Inflatable and solid boards
  • Suitable for various purposes

10. Jetsurf Sport Electric Surfboard

A board with a 90cc two-stroke fuel engine is one of the few surfboards of this design. The advantage of this model is the ability to ride longer than battery-powered boards. Consuming just 2.8 liters of fuel, the engine allows for at least an hour of continuous ride on the board.

The stability and ease of use make this board the best choice for beginners. If you find it difficult to handle the board, initially you can add a tubular spacer to the edge of the board to add stability to the body. Using this method you can learn deep turns and board use faster.

Jetsurf Sport Electric Surfboard

For convenience, the board has convenient mounts that can be adjusted to different positions. If you are a rider with good experience and feel confident on the board, the leg strap can be dispensed with and a comfortable rubber grip pad can be used.

This board is also suitable for large riders weighing over 100 kg while maintaining a top speed of 48 km / h. It is ideal for calm waters on a lake or sea. One of the easiest boards to handle, ideal for beginners and those who ride for fun.


  • 90cc 2-stroke fuel engine
  • Available in 2 different body shapes
  • Comes with ergonomic leg straps
  • Can add a tube for a more stable ride

11. Sell-Best New Electric Surfboard

If you want to figure out where to start this board can be a great choice as in addition to the classic design it even has a cheat sheet with a sequence of movements. You just put it on the waves and awake on your knees then stand up.

Sell-Best board with an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery that charges in just a couple of hours but still has a ride time of about an hour at speeds over 25 mph.

Sell Best New Electric Surfboard

The electric surfboard is suitable for both beginners and experienced users, as it allows you to cut deep turns and jump out of the water. It is also possible to calmly ride on the water surface on it. This board is a great training replacement for your regular surf when there is no wave or you are training in inland waters.


  • simple instructions
  • Up to 25 mph
  • Fast battery charging
  • looks like a regular surf

12. Roadwi Electric Underwater Scooter Surfboard

An unusual electric surfboard that is operated by a rider in the water, not on a board. Develops speeds of up to 15 miles per hour thanks to the high power of the propeller of three thousand two hundred watts. Power is supplied by a powerful lithium-ion battery, which allows you to enjoy a trip lasting from half an hour to an hour.

The board is made of durable corrosion-resistant material – ABS and has different modes of operation depending on the user’s level and water surface conditions. In terms of use, the electric surfboard has two modes: standard – for beginners and sport – for experienced riders.

Roadwi Electric Underwater Scooter Surfboard

The surfboard is equipped with an LCD screen, which provides information about the malfunction, a low battery indicator, and the remaining battery power, so you can easily monitor the status of your electric surfboard.

The only significant drawback of the board is the long battery charging time, but the pleasure of surfing it is worth waiting for.

The propeller is powered by a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, which is not only environmentally friendly but also takes a long time to recharge.


  • Durable material
  • LCD display
  • two operating modes
  • movement in water

13. F2 Electric Surfboard

Another in-water model is designed for children and adults. The material is durable and lightweight, which increases the operational attractiveness of this product. The material is resistant to temperature extremes and UV exposure.

The F2 has a dynamic structure that allows it to glide easily through the water. This electric surfboard has significant buoyancy, which makes it possible to use it not only for fun surfing but also for rescuing people on the water. With its help, you can quickly reach the victim and easily deliver him to the shore in minutes.

F2 Electric Surfboard

The electric surfboard has two modes of operation and an intelligent control system, thanks to which both a beginner and a rider with good experience can control the board. After learning how to control the board, you can perform various stances on and over the water. The built-in LCD screen displays information about the mode in which the board is being used and the remaining battery power. In the event of a power failure, there is an emergency ejection system from the water.

A nice feature of this board is a special connector for a motion camera, the installation of which will help you take cool pictures in motion and capture the most interesting moments of surfing and around landscapes.

Final Words

At the present time, electric surfboards are still the subject for investigation and innovation products for a new kind of sport. That’s why there is such a variety of constructions and designs available in the market. One of the main reasons for high prices is also the fact that there is no big volume production right now. There is the only option – to wait and see when the manufacturers of electric surfboards start to produce them in a real mass quantity.

Depending on your purpose and experience you can choose top speed hydrofoil or a model with a hydrofoil or get yourself an in-water surfboard/scooter if you want. No matter what you buy any kind of electric surfboards will bring you pleasure and joy.


How do electric surfboards operate?

The surfboards consist of a board and a propulsion system with an engine that can be electric or fuel. The boards may be of a classic design like usual surfboards or made with a hydrofoil or for holding in hands (water scooter). Which design is the best for you depending on your experience and purposes.

Is it easy to buy electric surfboards?

There is no special permission required but you have to remember that electric surfboards are quite expensive due to their exclusiveness and if you want to get the best you have to look around more attentively. The range of the products in the market is various and you can get the one you need.

Are electric surfboards difficult to ride?

If you have just bought a new surfboard and search for a moment to start you can get some lessons from experienced surfers. But it is not hard to learn yourself as operating an electric surfboard is quite easy. These products are similar to jet skis and wakeboarding. You can try and see how this is the best way to get a new experience.

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