Paragon Surfboards Review: What You Should Know (2020 Update)

Paragon Surfboards Review

Lots of people enjoy going to the beach to relax after an exhausting week at work. Some of them simply love sunbathing and simple water activities, but most come to surf. Surfing is an amazing sport that doesn’t only help you staying fit, but is also letting you have lots of fun with each and every ride.

Nevertheless, if you are new to this sport and you are thinking of becoming a professional one day, you will definitely need a best-performing surfboard to help you get started and catch your first wave.

The best thing is to find a surfboard suitable for your skills, this way you will be able to improve your surfing performance. As there are multiple surfboard brands available on the market, it is difficult to decide on a variety of available options.

Paragon Surfboards is one of the brands most enjoyed by surfing professionals. It meets the valuable surfer’s criteria of quality and performance. Furthermore, beginners love the brand for its reasonable surfboard prices.

Review of the Top 9 Best Paragon Surfboards

This Paragon Surfboards review will help you save time while choosing from a variety of different brands. We are going to analyze some of the top quality paragon surfboards. They are the best to choose from if it’s hard for you to decide which surfboard you want to buy.

Paragon’s surfboard selection:

#1. 5’6 Mini Simmons Foamy Shortboard Surfboard

#2. 6’2 Groveler Shortboard Surfboard


#8. 6’11 Lil Dipper Turquoise Rail Shortboard Surfboard

#9. 5’10 Groveler Shortboard Surfboard

#1. Paragon 5’6 Mini Simmons Foamy Shortboard

Paragon Surfboards have a proven record of meeting customer’s expectations related to performance. 5’6 Mini Simmons Foamy Shortboard would be the best choice for those looking for a top-performing surfboard.

Due to its flat front-third part of the deck, this surfboard has outstanding agility. This board is perfect if you are mastering your surfing skills. Its performance is ideal in all kinds of surfing conditions, especially on small waves.

The shape of this surfboard was designed to feature a double concave-outline with vee out the tail part. Its main advantage is that it lets you efficiently maneuver the surfboard, particularly in sharp turns. It’s great for increasing your wave count and it is simply one of the best shortboards because it allows you to perform tricks easily and hassle-free.

Paragon 56 Mini Simmons Foamy Shortboard

One of the features which makes surfers enjoy this product is its sturdiness. It features a hand-shaped epoxy staple and a wood stringer with high-solidity. The epoxy resin and Hexcel cloth-finish are keeping it very sturdy. The hand-shaped bottom contours and rails add to its mobility.

What makes this surfboard comfortable for everyone, is its vacuum-sealed top deck of rails. This part features a texturized EVA foam, which is its FoamTech advantage. Regardless if you are standing or paddling, these features make the ride more enjoyable, even if you spend many hours surfing.

In case if you prefer a more agile surfboard and want to install fins, there is a twin-fin box set-up. The Future fin is the most suitable type for this surfboard.

#2. Paragon 6’2 Groveler Shortboard

Paragon’s collection has a great variety of options for surfers who are in training or competing. If you are searching for a good quality shortboard for daily use, 6’2 Groveler Shortboard is a perfect option for you. It is a one-of-a-kind surfboard produced by this brand since it’s in between a shortboard and a longboard.

This product is ideal for intermediate to professional surfers. It can be difficult to use for people who are beginners in the sport. Groveler Shortboard is best suitable for waist-high to chest-high waves, especially when you’re pulling up stunts.

Although it’s barely a foot longer than Mini Simmons, surfers are having fun using it because it can be effectively controlled. A thinner, squash tail-design adds to this surfboard’s overall mobility, specifically while performing sharp turns. Even though it’s longer, it has the advantage of being light-weight.

Paragon 62 Groveler Shortboard

In case you prefer making these surfboards more agile, you can install Future fins on its thruster fin set-up. It will be able to move along bigger waves.

Apart from that, high-quality materials are used to make sure it is sturdy. Its construction features a stringerless epoxy blank with additional carbon fiber material. Furthermore, it is accompanied by additional ross-knit Innegra-strands, which is considered being a top-performing fiber.

Outstanding flotation is another unique feature of this surfboard. There is an additional foam in the chest-part of the board. Its full rails and broad nose allow surfers to paddle comfortably. This product is not only sturdy but also convenient to use.

#3. Paragon 6’0 Retro Fish

Due to their outstanding agility fish surfboards are among the most popular surfboard-types. If you are searching for a reliable brand, you can consider checking out Paragon’s collection. 6’0 Retro Fish Surfboard is one of the bestsellers of the brand.

Surfers are enjoying its stylish look in white and black color. Its design features a swallow-tail and the board lets you perform the turns smoothly. Surfers who want to expand their quiver should think of getting this surfboard.

Apart from that, the short and flat deck is making it easier to control. The single bottom concave-structure gives it phenomenal stability while you use it on big or small waves. Additionally, it can be made more agile if you install Future fins on its twin-fin set-up.

Paragon 60 Retro Fish

This surfboard will definitely last you for many years. The high-quality materials are keeping it durable even when it is frequently used. In case a surfer is weighty, it still stays sturdy enough thanks to the epoxy and carbon fiber materials.

This surfboard is one of the best for trick performance. It is more suitable for intermediate and advanced riders. You require excellent balancing skills to be able to use this board, that’s why it may be difficult to control. So novices may have a hard time controlling this model.

#4. Paragon 9’0 Retro Noserider

Paragon surfboards are also famous for their longboards. In case you are looking for the best one, 9’0 Retro Noserider is one of the most advisable options to be recommended. This surfboard can be used on pointbreaks, small conditions, or lazy summer days.

Even this surfboard is quite long, it is very easy and hassle-free to be maneuvered. It features a single concave to vee, and a low rocker helps keeping it steady in any riding condition. Also, you can glide smoothly thanks to the wider squash tail-design, 50/50 rails, and a scooped nose.

Paragon 90 Retro Noserider

It is being manufactured in a vintage style, inspired by a 1960s collection. Its seafoam green color makes it a real eye-catcher. Premium-quality Polyurethane material provides the owner with great durability.

This beauty features a 9 inches long single center fin. Those who want acceleration can install one to enhance the surfboard’s performance while riding.

Another thing that makes this surfboard great is that it is perfect for everyone. You will be happy with it regardless of whether you are a newbie or a professional surfer who wants to enjoy the ride. You will never go wrong with it when it comes to performance and quality.

#5. Paragon 6’6 Retro Squash Egg

Paragon’s collection has a variety of different kinds of surfboards. If you are searching for something different, other than shortboards or longboards, you should have a look at the 6’6 Retro Squash Egg Surfboard. Its classic style is truly enjoyable, it particularly shows in the design of its fin box.

Because the extensive outline and low rocker make paddling easy, this surfboard is very comfortable to ride. It can be used by beginners who want to start improving their surfing skills. You will be able to maintain your balance easily on a 22.06-inch wide deck.

Paragon 66 Retro Squash Egg

High-quality Polyurethane material makes this surfboard very sturdy. It is easy to control because it’s not heavy, which also makes it suitable for beginners. In case you want to add acceleration to this surfboard, you have the option of installing a single fin.

Thanks to its shape, amazing performance is another advantage of this surfboard A slight vee entry and a vee off the tail on the bottom contour allow smooth rail-to-rail transitions. Straddling the gap between shortboard and longboard, it is one of the most universal surfboards you can come across.

#6. Paragon 9’0 Retro Noserider Multi Longboard

This surfboard is one of the most popular among Paragon lovers. It is undoubtedly a highlight of the amazing Paragon’s longboard collection.

Its 1960 vintage-inspired outline makes this surfboard really stunning. Premium-quality ParaLite Epoxy makes it very sturdy. If you are planning to enhance your skills or enjoy a fun ride during the weekend, this would be the best longboard for you to have.

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This surfboard is very popular among surfers because of its versatility. It is good for beginners, intermediate, and professional surfers. This surfboard is also ideal for pointbreaks and small waves.

Its bottom contour makes this surfboard easily maneuverable. A low rocker and a single concave to vee outline provide stability on the water waves. The scooped nose, 50/50 rails, and squash tail-design make nose riding a breeze.

You can install a center fin if you prefer your surfboard to become more agile. Any fin that measures 9 inches will be suitable. You can add such fins to the surfboards. It improves the overall performance and also adds a boost to the surfboard.

#7. Paragon 6’6 Retro Seaweed Egg

This is another outstanding surfboard from Paragon’s surfboards collection. Its attractive style is the reason why many surfers like this product. Its design was inspired by the vintage Double-ender” from the 1960s.

With its 22.06-inch extensive outline and a low rocker, this surfboard is hassle-free to control. It allows you to paddle comfortably. Its slight vee entry to tail vee body contour provides smooth rail-to-rail transitions.

Paragon 66 Retro Seaweed Egg

This surfboard is perfect for everyone, regardless if you are a beginner or a professional. You can use it on small or big waves, as it is also suitable for all kinds of surfing conditions. The fact that it has elements of both longboard and shortboard, makes it a multi-purpose product.

It only features a single fin, yet it can accelerate your surfboard and let it speed through the waves. If you prefer agility, you can check its performance to see if you want to install one.

This surfboard’s deck premium-quality Polyurethane material makes it long-lasting. The surfboard becomes less heavy, which is very convenient, and there is no concession in performance.

#8. Paragon 6’11 Lil Dipper Turquoise Rail Shortboard

If you haven’t found the right place to buy your shortboard, you should have a look at Paragon’s selection. 6’11 Lil Dipper Turquoise Rail Shortboard Surfboard is one of the available options. Its structure contributes to the board’s amazing performance.

A single to double concave on its bottom contour is an advantage that allows surfers to feel stable on quick and big waves. It is easy and hassle-free to control because of its light weight, even though it is longer than standard shortboards.

One more reason why surfers love it is its durability. High-quality ParaLite Epoxy makes the body sturdy enough to be long-lasting. Its long life span is guaranteed, even when you ride it daily for fun or use it to improve your surfing technique.

Paragon 611 Lil Dipper Turquoise Rail Shortboard

This surfboard has an amazing performance when it comes to boosting. Its squash tail-design makes it speedy by default. Additionally, if you would like to accelerate even more, fins can be installed on its Tri-Fin box set-up.

Apart from that, it features some elements of a longboard, which makes it perfect for beginners, as it is more convenient to control it.

#9. Paragon 5’10 Groveler Shortboard

Paragon is very well-known for its shortboards. 5’10 Groveler Shortboard is the best option if you are not sure which one to buy. It is very special, as it features the elements of a longboard, therefore making it perfect for beginners. This surfboard is an excellent choice if you are working on mastering your balance technique.

It is one of the best-performing surfboards for waist-level to chest-level waves. Riding it is good fun. It is also suitable for surfing tricks and maneuvers.

5’10 Groveler Shortboard is easily maneuverable, even when you are a beginner. A single to double concave on the bottom contour keeps it steady while you are riding fast waves or performing stunts. Its full rails and broad nose makes paddling an easy job.

Paragon 510 Groveler Shortboard

Apart from that, the added foam under the chest part of the surfboard provides exceptional flotation. The surfboard is made of high-quality materials with the Innegra technology, which uses quality-fiber for the cross-knit strands. It makes the product lightweight and durable.

In case if you search for extra fins and consider installing fins, there is a Thruster fin box set-up. It will add additional acceleration to your surfboard on the big waves.

Buying the best Paragon Surfboard- Shopping guide

It is not easy to choose from a big selection of surfboards, especially when you don’t know which factors need to be considered before purchasing one. The decision has to be made based on your skill level and the surfboard type. This guide will assist you in choosing the right surfboard.

Choosing the Surfboard-Type

You will come across a large variety of surfboard types available in the market. Most of them may be looking similar to one another, but every surfboard has its own specifics. This factor is very important and has to be considered, as you may end up choosing something not matching your level of competence. Let’s have a look at some of the common surfboard-types.

Egg Surfboard

This type is a mixture of a shortboard and a longboard, and it is considered to be a fun surfboard. It is stubby by size and its egg-shaped nose gave it a name. It is best suitable for a high surface area, which makes it perfect for first-time surfers. The size varies from 6 to 8.5 feet.

6’6 Retroes: Squash Egg and Seaweed Egg Surfboards are Paragon’s best egg surfboards.

Fish Surfboard

This is one of the famous types that surfers really love. Its swallowtail-design makes it very distinct. If you are looking for agility, this is the right choice. The only thing is that you will have to be a strong paddler. This type is ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers.

The top choice is Paragon’s 6’0 Retro Fish Surfboard.

Shortboard Surfboards

This type is one of the most common boards you can find in the market. Surfers should consider it when it comes to high-performance. It is best suitable for swift turns and features a maneuverable shape. Intermediate to pro surfers love this surfboard.

5’6 Mini Simmons Foamy, 6’2 Groveler Shortboard, and 6’11 Lil Dipper Turquoise Rail Shortboard Surfboard are among Paragon’s best shortboards.

Longboard Surfboards

This type is ideal for all level surfers due to its versatility. Depending on the brand, the size ranges from 9 feet onwards. When it comes to stability, it is the best product surfers can recommend. This type is well-known, as it allows you to perform nose-riding, which is another popular surfing technique.

Paragon’s top picks are 9’0 Retro Noseriders: Longboard and Multi Longboard Surfboards.

Paragon Surfboards: Company & History

Paragon is a well-established brand that has been providing exceptional service and products to all surfers. The company was founded by a group of passionate surfers in Central America.

Before starting the company they had been traveling to different places for surfing. As they were moving around, the team started to take interest in offering their branded equipment to the surfers they met along the way. Their passion led them to establish their business. They started producing surfboards for themselves and their friends. After some time their collection was slowly introduced to the world.

Paragon is one of the most famous brands in the market and is well-known for its high-quality surfboards. The best thing is that its products are sold at a reasonable price. There is an excellent selection of different surfboard types to choose from, which will never let you run out of options.

Final Words

If you are aiming to become a professional surfer, the next best thing would be getting the most suitable surfboard to assist you in this new journey. Once you find out which is the best surfboard type for your skills, you need to focus on choosing a reputable brand known for great quality and durability. With plenty of options available on the market, Paragon surfboards are the brand you should be definitely checking out.

Paragon’s collection has a great selection of all-time favored surfboards. You can easily get what you are looking for, whether it is a fish surfboard, longboard, shortboard, or even an egg surfboard.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q: Do you use glasses on your surfboard? How many layers is it advisable to use when you surf?

A: Yes, there are layers of glasses, and it depends on the surfboard-type. Midlength-surfboards use single-6 ounces + 4 ounces on top, while the bottom uses single-6 ounces. Shortboards use 6/4 ounces on top and normally single +4 ounces on the bottom. As for longboards, these use double-6 ounces on top, while the bottom uses a single-6 ounce.

Q: Are there other types of fins we can use aside from the Future?

A: Yes, if you search for other types of fins, you can also use Super Fins and FCS.

Q: Does Paragon provide customization services?

A: No. As of the moment, Paragon doesn’t provide customization services.

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