Top 7 Softech Surfboards Reviews [Performance Series Board Lineup Review]

Softech Surfboards Reviews

Softech Surfboards were one of the earlier companies to establish themselves in the modern-day soft board market. Softech surfboards’ manufacturing techniques and their product range on offer have come a long way over time. In Softech’s words, “inspired by the latest fiberglass surfboard designs, the Performance Series blurs the lines between significant ripping and having fun”.

With numerous products to pick from in the Softech Surfboards Performance Series, we deep dig into a review of what these surfboards are all about (in no certain order) and what Softech surfboards are built of.

1. Mason Twin

This Softech surfboard is the new Mason Ho’s signature model constructed using proven manufacturing techniques and it is considered by some surfers to be the funniest board in the series. Having a fishy shape with a twin fin setup has actually shown to be really popular. It is designed for speed and freestyle surfing.

In terms of waves, the Mason Ho Twin Soft Surfboard is claimed to work in anything from knee to head high surf as well as the range of sizes readily available will certainly fit for more seasoned surfers of weight up to approx 85 kg. The Mason Ho Twin Softech Surfboards have a double channel in the tail that gives a little more drive and squirt. You can ride these Mason Ho surfboards in the coastal strip or less than ideal conditions without fear of damaging them (watch the video below where a person surfs on exposed rocks).

User Review:

  • Sharp turns, slidey, and really fast for a softboard
  • Handmade from highly durable materials
  • Makes small shoreys super fun
  • Available in a range of styles and color
  • Extremely grippy with only a small quantity of wax
  • Quiver killer for summer waves

Mason Twin

Offered in 3 dimensions with FCS II Twin fin setup:

  • 5’2″ x 19 2/3″ x 2 5/8″ (31L)
  • 5’6″ x 21″ x 2 5/8″ (35L)
  • 5’10” x 21 x 2 3/4″( 39L)

2. Eric Geiselman Flash

The Eric Geiselman Flash foam surfboard is an excellent all-rounder high-performance surfboard with a fuller nose and lots of volumes through the middle and a quite flat rocker. That means this surfboard is both a very easy paddler as well as a wave catcher and preserves speed via slower areas of the wave.

Eric Geiselman Flash

Like all of Softech’s Performance Series, this foam surfboard is constructed using proven manufacturing techniques. Besides, the Eric Geiselman Flash foam surfboard has a double stringer and real definition in the rails giving responsiveness in turning and stiffness.

This soft surfboard is made from new durable materials and constructed using a polyethylene (PU) deck and bottom so waxing on the top is basically like a typical soft surfboard and you can also add a traction pad that you can’t truly use on many soft top surf boards.

User Feedback:

  • 5’7 size noted to be easy to duck dive
  • Handmade from highly durable materials
  • Available in a range of styles to suit the beginner
  • Perfect for traveling a trip as the surfboard is light so you do not need to stress as much about dinging it
  • Easy to paddle as well as to get into waves due to volume
  • Functions in waves up to 4-5 foot and can do all – barrels, airs as well as layback snaps
  • Several reviews gave extremely positive comments when they altered the included Softflex fins to Reactor/ Accelerator FCS II.
  • Great soft board for beginner surfers and more experienced rider

With 4 dimensions available, the EG Flash soft board will suit every level of surfers from novices to advanced and weights up to 95kg (on the 6’6″):

  • 5’0″ x 20″ x 2 3/5″ (34L)
  • 5’7″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 2/3″ (37L)
  • 6’0″ x 21 1/4″ x 2 2/3″ (39L)
  • 6’6″ x 21 2/3″ x 2 2/3″ (44L)

3. Bomber Softech Surfboard

The Bomber Softech Surfboard has a pulled in almost pintail shape style with a broad longboard nose, a distinct domed deck (super buoyant at 60L). With all that foam it is stable as well as extremely forgiving. In regards to the rocker, it is rather flat throughout with a little lift in both the nose and tail, with a dual stringer for strength.

Bomber Softech Surfboard

The Bomber Softech Surfboard paddles into anything and also gains speed truly rapidly, trims like a longboard however is extremely easy to move it around exactly as intended with a bit of pressure on the back foot.

This surfboard is suited to every level of surfers from newbies trying to find a shorter yet secure surfboard, and also intermediate to more experienced surfers after a surfboard which has the best of both worlds between efficiency and also a cruiser. All sizes have really high volume so the 6’4″ & 6’10” size can cater for weights up to 90-100 kg.

User Review:

Thanks to proven manufacturing techniques Softech Bomber Surfboard easy paddle and glide into even the smallest waves.

Paddles like a dream and surf like a mini-mal as well as a shortboard at the same time.

If you are transitioning from long to short, this surfboard would be a wonderful board.

4. Kyuss King Fish Softech Surfboard

The Kyuss King Fish signature model is a wide little surfboard packed with volume. The Kyuss King Fish Softech Surfboards are built for rate in less than ideal conditions. With a flattish rocker, it serves as a cool groveller that can be pushed around. These boards have a double stringer making them a bit more rigid than the conventional Rocket Fish (see below) and also the Mason Twin.

One more difference with the Rocket Fish (Twin Fin), the Kyuss King Fish boards have a center stabilizing fin which offers it a bit extra control and less of a skate loosened feel.

Kyuss King Fish Softech Surfboard

This board is really suitable for everyone who is looking for a fun, loose, and fast board. There’s generous volume and these boards are also suitable for intermediate and advanced level surfers weighing up to 75-80 kg (or children / lighter learners) on the 4’8″ and surfers up to about 85 kg on the 5’8″.

User Review:

  • Popular with children (4’8) as well as adults.
  • Constructed using proven manufacturing techniques, Softech Kyuss King Fish surfboards are built to withstand the toughest of treatment and at the same time, they are super fast and loose.
  • An excellent groveller as it catches anything.

Available in 2 dimensions with FCS II thruster (tri) fin setup:

  • 4’8″ x 21″ x 2 1/8″ (29L)
  • 5’8″ x 21 1/2″ x 2 2/3″ (36L)

5. Filipe Toledo Wildfire Softech Board

The Filipe Toledo Wildfire Softech surfboard is one of the most refined and also performance-orientated board in the lineup, suitable for intermediate and advanced level surfers to make the most of the slightly weaker waves. With a secured core, it is lightweight as well as durable and also has double composite stringers to maintain it stiff. Thanks to a sealed epoxy core, it is lightweight. Besides, this Softech surfboard is made from durable materials and constructed using double composite stringers to ensure its rigidity.

The rails are very similar to a typical high-performance surfboard, with a diamond-shaped tail, flat rocker profile, and volume in the front end, which altogether ensure that the surfboard not only easily catches weaker waves, but also provides a high level of performance.

Offered in 2 dimensions with Softech FCS II thruster (tri) fin setup:

  • 5’3 x 19 x 2 5/8 x 32L
  • 5’11 x 20 5/8 x 2 3/4 x 37L

6. The Softech Mystery Box Surfboard

The Softech Mystery Box is the only quad fin board in the Softech board series. Constructed using proven manufacturing techniques Softech surfboards with quad fin provide lots of acceleration and glide. It’s a new shape with a sawn-off nose and fishtail. Reduced squeezed rail develops bite and a positive link to the wave via the turning arc.

One of the key advantages of these boards is that it is a rigid deck, and it’s featured with a full deck grip, which eliminates the need for wax.

The Softech Mystery Box Surfboard

Built to withstand the toughest of treatment and are available in a range of styles to suit the beginner to be ridden shorter than your typical surfboard for added turning response. The Softech Mystery Box is surprisingly loose off the tail, fast and steady.

The Softech Mystery Box board is only available in one size: 5’2″ x 21″ x 2 2/3″ (39L).

User Review:

  • Best performs in 3-4 foot waves.
  • Constructed using proven manufacturing techniques, Softech surfboards are excellent for juicing speed out of small waves without having to ride a longboard.

7. Rocket Fish Softech Surfboard

The Rocket Fish Softech Surfboard is a short high volume board with a flat rocker designed to be rapid and also get you through dead sections in the waves. This Softech board is an excellent choice for kids with a little experience under their belt or lightweight rippers.

A great groveller which is easy to paddle, and will turn regular sessions into a bit of fun and keep you motivated when you might otherwise think it’s not worth it.

Rocket Fish Softech Surfboard

User Review:

  • Built to withstand the toughest of treatment and are available in a range of colors for fun and durability.
  • Super fun and also throws lots of sprays.

Offered only in one size and with Softech FCS II Twin fin setup:

4’8″ x 20 2/7″ x 2 1/5″ (29L)

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