StormBlade Surfboard Review

StormBlade Review

We’ve seen many different surfboards available on the market. So when we find a great brand name that really knows how to make surfboards, we start to pay attention to it. The StormBlade has been around for some time now and the following different types of their products are available for surfing: storyboards, skimboards, longboards, SSR surfboards, and surf accessories.

AGIT Global Inc owns the StormBlade Surfboards brand name. This company is located in Taiwan. The StormBlade surfboards are currently sold all over the world and certainly deserve attention.

With EPS foam cores and also stringers, StormBlade boards are designed to last. With soft decks and hard bottoms, these surfboards are user-friendly, quick to set up, and free to surf on. The SSR range for the StormBlade is a trendsetter in the high-quality category of surfboards throughout the country. The StormBlade surfboards are also available in over six countries currently.

So now is the time to take a look at our short list to find out several of the top favored StormBlade boards to select the right one. We’ll check out shortboards, longboards, and fishes of this brand name. We are talking about what we like about StormBlade boards and which one will best suit your surf skill level and style.

The Top 5 Best StormBlade Surfboards

# 1 – StormBlade 7′ SSR Soft Top Surfboard

There’s a lot to love about the 7ft SSR StormBlade high-quality soft-top surfboard.


The StormBlade 7ft SSR is one of the great intermediate-size options if you’re not sure whether you’re a longboard or shortboard surfer.

At 7′ SSR, this soft top surfboard is easy to paddle and maneuver into any wave height from ankle-high to overhead, however, it still is small enough to turn on the wave face.

One great thing about this surfboard is that you’ll have no difficulty catching any waves on it. It makes these boards look like surfing simple even to a novice.


What we also like about this surfboard is its shape. With lots of nose rocker, it’s hard to nosedive on this board when paddling for waves that makes it an excellent board for any level of surfer.

StormBlade 7ft Surfboard


The 7′ SSR StormBlade soft-top board is ready to go from the moment you get your hands on it. With included fins that are connected by bolts through the surfboard, you’ll have the ability to easily install the fins and get riding. The through-board bolting likewise helps your soft top board’s toughness because you will not need to stress over your fins becoming loose or falling out.


One notable feature of the StormBlade brand name is that you will not need to wax it to have a fun time.

This soft top surfboard is ready to go right away after purchase so you can get your stoke on immediately and paddle out.

# 2 – StormBlade 5’6 Swallow Tail Surfboard

These surfboards are a perfect choice for a more advanced surfer or a smaller rider.


  • Swallow Tail is used for the perfect combination of stability and turnability on the wave face
  • Its double stringer and EPS core help board stand up to use
  • Small size for easy turning and rippability on wave faces

StormBlade 5ft6 Swallow Tail Surfboard

Because it’s a less board, it will not float as well but this surfboard has way more maneuverability which will aid you to shred harder.

The outline on this surfboard does a lot to assist you to do radical surfing. The Swallow Tail provides you a smaller pivot point so that you can conveniently turn but likewise gives even more control on the wave face like a pintail surfboard.

When it comes to tail design, it’s like the best of both worlds!


This StormBlade board includes a thruster set up. This arrangement of the fins provides the best balance of stability and turning. With these options, you won’t have any difficulties reaching new heights in surfing on this StormBlade surfboard.

With its EPS core and double stringer, this board stands up to heavy use and also will fly down the line.

# 3 – StormBlade SSR 8ft Surfboard

The StormBlade SSR 8ft board is another strong choice for anybody learning how to surf free.


  • The extra length makes it easy to paddle
  • The impact-resistant bottom allows you to ride the surfboard in any use
  • Triple stringer for board rigidity and easier to glide

StormBlade 8ft Surfboard

With a little extra paddle power from the additional length, this board is easy to balance on & glides onto any wave in the water.

The EPS Core with focally set 3x Marine-Ply Stringers on this board help it withstand any challenges. They also make sure that the board stays stiff after use.

You will not discover this surfboard warping on the water since it has stringers.

Aside from that, the SSR 8ft board has a layer of high impact resistant ethylene on the bottom so it is ready for any impact.

Whether you’re surfing over a shallow reef or in shorebreak that carries you onto the sand, this board will certainly withstand what you put it through.

We love its Hybrid Thruster Set-Up, it’s the way the leash on this board is attached to the back fin plugs. We’ve found that this prevents the leash from ripping out and gives better control after you’ve lost the board.

# 4 – StormBlade 5’8 Modern Retro Fish Surfboard

The fish outline is a time-tested shape that appeared in the late 60s. This shape is great for loose turns on lengthy walls, however can hold its own in any type of surfing style or surf.

The 5’8 Modern Retro Fish utilizes every advantage of the fish shape with a few modern twists.

StormBlade 5ft8 Modern Retro Fish Surfboard


The Modern Retro Fish is a quad fin set-up model so it’s even more stable than the standard twin fin-fish.

However, the quad fin set-up on the 5’8 Modern Retro Fish still aids the board feels loose and quick while allowing for arcing turns.

If you’re feeling really comfy on your board or if you simply need to know what surfing in the early 70s felt like, you can even ride this board as a twin fin.

Simply take out these 2 back fins and you can ride the Modern Retro Fish as a retro twin fin fish design.

At 5ft8, this board is perfect for more high-performance surfing. You’ll find that the length, as well as fin set up, allows for easy turning and high-performance, free surfing once it’s on the water wave face.

#5 – StormBlade 10’Soft Top Surfboard

If you are searching for a foam board to get you through the little doldrums of summer surfing or want to catch any kind of wave you paddle for, pay attention to the 10′ StormBlade soft top board.

With a high volume, this board will certainly catch any wave as well as is especially super for first-timers

As this board is a classic longboard, it will not turn on a dime but will be great at any type of longboard break. This board is definitely for you if you like drawn-out turns or walking the nose.

StormBlade 10ft Surfboard


One fantastic thing with the 10′ StormBlade is that it has great fin options. If you intend to ride this board as a thruster, you can.

It also has a large back fin making this board ideal for riding as a single fin set up.

One of the cons of this board is that it’s too much length, it can be challenging to ride in high waves. When the waves get bigger or faster, the length becomes too long to properly ride the heavier waves.

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