Find Out the Best Funboard Surfboard in 2020 [Review]

Best Funboard Surfboard

For most surfers, a funboard surfboard is a critical element of their quiver.

For a seasoned shortboarder, a funboard might be their go-to surfboard when the waves are a little small and powerless for their shortboard. For a longboarder, it might be the opposite, and the surfboard they pick up when the waves are a little bigger.

A good medium-length funboard doesn’t necessarily lack in the performance department either and the majority of surfers like the fact that they are cool all-rounders – they can go well in anything from small to head high waves.

As the high-performance end of soft-top surfboards have developed rapidly over the past few years, so have the medium-length.

This review will cover all the details of the funboard surfboard and especially for you, we’ll select the best 6-8 feet foam surfboards.

What is a funboard surfboard?

Funboard, longboard, mid-length, fish, hybrid, shortboard. There is no precise definition of what classifies a surfboard into one of these categories, and sometimes it depends on who you are talking to.

This is especially true for funboards and mid-lengths. A quick google search for funboard surfboard gives you a few different ideas: some claim board in between 6.5-8.5 feet long, some state 6-8, and others claim 7-9. Some say that funboards are the same as medium-length ones, while others differentiate the two.

When it comes to funboard surfboards, we think it’s all about the name – fun. A funboard is your response to waves that may be huge for a longboard, but too small for a shortboard.

Have you ever taken a long ride on a shortboard or longboard? If yes, you would feel a big difference in their control, speed, paddling, maneuverability, glide, and much more. Round-shaped funboards give you the sweet taste of longboards and shortboards. You may just have one surfboard instead of two. Regardless of your surf experience level, you can use a funboard to learn surf.

In other words, if you want to enjoy both shortboard and longboard options, funboards are your best choice. You may have started on a mini-mal and want to get a little more style and get more control in your surfing, or it may be the opposite: you’re a seasoned shortboarder but you need a fun alternative for days when the waves are too small in the water for a shortboard and you don’t wish to carry a big old longboard around with you.

Straddling the area between top-performance longboards and shortboards and definitely within the mid-length size range, we prefer to think of a funboard as comfortably sitting between the 6 to 8 ft range. If it’s shorter, then you’re definitely looking at a shortboard, and longer at a mini-board or longboard.

Typically, a funboard will have a more rounded body with a slightly larger width and more volume/buoyancy providing additional stability on almost all wave conditions. Some surfboards have different features (especially stringers) to enhance their strength. Fiberglass and Wooden are the most familiar stringer material. In addition to that, a funboard can have almost any tail, fin, or rail design, so there are lots of models.

What variations are available within the funboard surfboard category?

To get a better understanding of the different types of funboards, you need to start learning how to ride a funboard surfboard. But first, let’s learn their classification:

EGG shapes

  • Full-bodied as a longboard which provides excellent stability and also buoyancy on almost all wave conditions.
  • Thinner rails/shorter length make turns easier

Speed EGG and retro shapes

  • Narrower for learning to surf than a more typical egg, with a lower nose profile and pulled in tail.
  • Higher speed down the line but still giving you the ability to flow through smooth turns
  • Speed eggs are usually the longest in the funboard category.
  • The straighter rail line meets the requirements of speed, maneuverability, and flow.

Hybrid/Oversized Fish

  • A large fish shape with the notorious wide swallowtail make the small, unexciting surf fun
  • Provides speed and maneuverability but with less stability than egg-shaped surfboards
  • Good for skill development
  • Be available in a wide series of sizes

Fin Types

The fin set up is one crucial characteristic of the mid-length surfboard. The majority of mid-length (funboard) surfboards usually come as a single fin or 2 +1 (single fin with 2 side bites), as opposed to a typical tri-fin or quad set up.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a funboard surfboard?


  • Versatile
  • Stable and forgiving
  • They have the perfect dimensions to suit the surfing preferences of most people.
  • If you are at an intermediate level of surfer, this surfboard is an excellent transition board
  • Also good for seasoned surfers to diversify their regular surfing and to make the unexciting surf unforgettable
  • Funboard surfboards will allow you to catch waves easy and get into the waves earlier
  • Easier to transport and carry around than a longboard
  • Extra maneuverable than a longboard
  • Work perfectly in a wide variety of water conditions
  • Sneaky nose rides
  • Simpler to paddle out
  • If you were to just have 1 surfboard, a funboard would be a great all-rounder
  • Mid-lengths are typically wonderful boards for most surf conditions from knee high mush to well overhead surf


  • Not as maneuverable as shortboards or fish boards.
  • Not as quick to gain rate as longboard surfboards.
  • The foam you took off trading a longboard for a funboard surfboard makes it more difficult to paddle right into waves, and tougher to keep your balance as you lose stability. This is the price to pay for enhanced maneuverability and control.

Our Top Picks Soft Funboard Surfboards

1. South Bay Board Co 6’8″ Casper

The South Bay Board Co Casper is the true definition of a funboard: it’s a broad full-bodied egg shape which means ease of getting into the waves, stability, and ease of paddling on almost all wave conditions. However don’t be afraid of its ease of use, it has a solid performance indicator, many people appreciate its rate and maneuverability.

Dimension: 6’8″ x 21″ x 2.75″ (45L).

What We Love About the South Bay Board Co 6’8″ Casper:

  • No wax needed.
  • Hand tapered rails ensure a flawless surfing experience.
  • The rounded nose, swallowtail, thickness, and width for extra performance and stability.
  • Fingerprint Texture in the foam on the top deck.
  • I-Beam Stringer and Bamboo Layered bottom. The bamboo layers provide a rigid deck with a slight flex and the I-Beam Stringer covers the full length, width.
  • EPS Closed Cell Foam Core.
  • Enough buoyancy due to its thickness
  • Fiberglass-Epoxy-Resin shell.
  • FCS Fin boxes with tri-fin set up.

South Bay Board Co 6’8″ Casper

Customer feedback:

  • Works much better than expected
  • Can make late drops into waves.
  • Top-quality construction creates an excellent platform to learn surfing faster.
  • Beginner surfers love to ride this board.
  • The low rocker and wide tail are great for weak summer and mushy waves.
  • Super fun time and fast down the line.
  • Great for every level of surfing from beginners to many advanced surfers.
  • The bamboo bottom is well treated like a regular surfboard.
  • Great looking.

2. Catch Surf Log/ Plank 7’0″

The Catch Surf Log & Plank funboards versions are incredibly popular among beginner and experienced surfers and specifically in their shorter variations (6-7 foot). Probably because they offer shortboarders a great type of surfboard without having to buy a longer surfboard.

You need to keep in mind the Plank and Log are essentially identical funboards with the only exception being their fins. The Log is a tri-fin surfboard and Plank is a single fin surfboard.

Catch Surf Log Plank 70″

They pack a huge amount of volume into these funboards so they actually can catch anything, however, their design is well improved so they can compete with the best of best of the mid-length soft top surfboards. A notable feature is that these surfboards have triple wood stringers which are very strong and limited flex.

Dimension: 7’0″ x 22.0″ x 3.125″ (72L).

Customer feedback:

  • Funboard for every level of surfer from beginner to intermediate and many advanced surfers.
  • Ideal for kids (smaller options) and really easy to surf and paddle.
  • Excellent quality and sturdiness provide a steadier ride and exciting surfing experience.
  • A must-have surfboard for anybody’s quiver.
  • These boards make small days very fun and boost your wave count.

3. Softech Bomber 6’4″ & 6’10”

The bomber board has a pronounced domed deck and a pulled in almost pintail shape with a broad longboard nose.

With all that foam the surfboard is really forgiving and stable. As for the rocker, it is quite flat throughout with a little lift in both the round nose and tail, with a double stringer for strength.

This board trims like a longboard, paddles into anything, and picks up speed really swiftly. At the same time, it is extremely easy to move it around exactly as planned with a little pressure on the back foot so it truly gives you the best of both globes.

Softech Bomber 64″ 610

This board will suit every level of surfer from beginner trying to find a shorter however steady board to ride, and intermediate to experienced surfers after a surfboard which has the best of both worlds between cruiser and performance. All dimensions have enough volume and the 6’4″ & 6’10” models can support weights up to approximately 90-100 kg.

Customer feedback:

  • It is really easy to ride all day and glide into even the smallest waves.
  • Ideal board if you are transitioning from long to short.
  • Paddles as a dream and surfs like a mini-mal and a shortboard at the same time.
  • It’s the ideal board right for the beginner looking to catch their first wave.
  • You need to be able to catch waves really easy.
  • Owing to its width and thickness, you would enjoy its buoyancy.

4. Formula Fun Noll 7’10”

For their mid-length version, Formula Fun has actually developed a beginner-friendly softboard that looks and works just like a typical surfboard. It’s a solid cruiser with 78L of volume, yet with sophisticated rails, contoured bottom. Its sleek design is maneuverable and responsive.

It boasts a surf wax-free deck pad and has hand-holding support at the midpoint of the deck for ease of carrying.

Formula Fun Noll 710

Dimension (length, width, thickness, and volume): 7’10” x 22 1/2″ x 3.36″ (78L).

Customer feedback:

  • If you want a board with a terrific design, it’s right one of the best.
  • Easy to ride all day.
  • Recommended for anyone from beginner to intermediate or advanced surfers for a bit of fun.
  • Since the board is bulky, the handhold is a “convenient” feature for carrying the surf board over long distances.
  • Easy wave catcher.
  • Very fun but responsive.

5. South Bay Board Co Elefante 7’7″

The 7’7 Elefante Hybrid includes an old-school mid-length template, with an extended out chest area for easier pop-ups and a pulled in tail for a looser feel on smaller waves. This surfboard has a larger single fin box with small side bite fins.

The company calls it the perfect funboard cruiser, suitable for both advanced beginner through to experienced surfer who wants to get in the water regardless of the wave size.

South Bay Board Co Elefante 77″

Dimension: 7’7″ x 23″ x 2.85″ (57L).

You need to keep in mind this surfboard can cater for weights up to 250 lbs (110kg).

Customer feedback:

  • Value for money
  • Goes truly well in the waist to shoulder high surf.
  • Fantastic buoyancy provides an excellent platform for learning the main techniques of surfing
  • A waxless deck is a good notable feature.
  • It is not right only for the beginner, experienced surfers can also ride this surfboard all day.

6.Wavestorm 8′ Classic Pinline Funboard Surfboard – Best for Big Guys

The Wavestorm 8′ Classic Pinline Funboard Surfboard is large and more forgiving, so it’s ideal for kids, teens, and beginners in general. This board is one of the prominent soft-top boards with a weight limit of 200 pounds.

The round nose and squash tail imply remarkable stability and balance in the water. It has 3 plastic thruster fins that increase its rate. However, you should not expect to be able to perform tricks without much effort.

Wavestorm 8 Classic Pinline Funboard Surfboard

For safety, the board features a pre-installed leash plug and a leash. Those who want to learn how to surf will be happy that it catches waves quickly in the water.

Like the majority of big surf boards with low rocker and soft rails, this board is prone to pearl. While it may not appeal to experts, beginners will value its ability to catch waves easily and high stability on almost all wave conditions.


  • Comes with soft plastic fins, a pre-installed leash plug, and a leash.
  • It’s equipped with a traction pad.
  • Soft top deck and stringer reinforcement.
  • Lightweight, attractive, and easy to ride.
  • Great beginner board for learning the basic techniques of surfing.


  • Less responsive because of its soft rails.
  • High possibility of pearling.

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