Top 11 Cheap Surfboards Review (2020)

Cheap Surfboards Review

Top 11 Cheap surfboards Review (2020)

Whether you are a beginner surfer and you’re looking for something to start out or you are a pro surfer who is looking for a brand new inexpensive surfboard to thrash around in the mild, summer waves, there is no doubt that you should buy one of the best cheap surfboards.

It’s clear to everyone that you don’t want to look for surfboards that are made cheaply. You just want to find something at an affordable price that you won’t fret about each time you paddle out.

If you are looking to get yourself a low-cost, yet high-quality surfboard from a reputable surf company to your quiver, yet you don’t have lots of money to invest, check out our in-depth reviews on the best cheap surfboards available on the surf market today.

Top 11 Best Cheap Surfboards Reviewed

If you want to search for and buy inexpensive surfboards, have a look at our list of several branded products out there that anyone can use to reach new heights in their surf learning process.

# 1. Wavestorm 8′ Surfboard – Brushed Graphic

Most likely, you’ve seen these bad guys down by your local coast from time to time. That’s because Wavestorm is right one of the leading companies in the world of surf.

The majority of experienced surfers have a tendency to hate on these mass-produced surfboards by Wavestorm, but only until they start riding on one.

The Wavestorm 8′ surfboard is a classic soft-top that can nearly do it all. This board has been seen in everything conditions from double overheads after major swells to lofty beach breaks in the dead of the summer season.

Whether you are a classic longboard rider or a young surfer, you’ll certainly love this cheap surfboard.

Wavestorm 8 Surfboard Brushed Graphic

It is built with a sturdy EPS foam core, a triple-stringer system for added durability, and a barrier skin crosslink deck.

The HDPE slick bottom material supplies an even stronger ride than you could expect. In general, the Wavestorm 8′ surfboard is the better choice for both beginners and anyone who wants to search for a reliable, shred stick at an insanely low price.


  • Incredibly reliable and time-tested production
  • Very versatile, durable, and high-quality board


  • Fins aren’t the best

# 2. South Bay Board Co. (SBBC) Guppy Soft Top


  • Comes in two sizes: 6’0, 8’0 (in length)
  • Width: 21 to 22 inches
  • Volume: 40 to 80 liters
  • Squash tail
  • Thruster

You know, SBBC claims that it can provide many excellent next go-to surfboards for any level of riders and can provide joy too. If you’re looking for one of the best economical surfboards for a beginner surfer who weighs 150 extra pounds or less, the Guppy is definitely a good pick. Since this product is available in two sizes, children and grown-up novices can use this surfboard.

Even if beginner riders make many mistakes in their maneuvers many times, they will never end up giving up! That’s because these surfboards have a soft cushion that prevents first-timer surfers from having injuries.

South Bay Board Co Guppy Soft Top

Despite being a shortboard, the Guppy is extremely user-friendly. It provides speed, stability, and performance that surfers will certainly love.

This surfboard is offered with a carry handle, making it very easy to carry almost everywhere that even your kids will enjoy taking it with them.


  • Comes with a carry handle
  • Squash tail and round nose provide great performance and stability
  • Durable, heat-laminated, and high-quality deck
  • User-friendly


  • Limited weight capacity

# 3. Wavestorm 8′ Surfboard – Sunburst Graphic

We recommend taking a look at the Wavestorm 8’ Sunburst cheap boards for everyone who wants to stand out a bit more in the water.

This option was included a few years after the original was released and it adds a great burst of excitement when in the waves.

Wavestorm 8 Surfboard Sunburst Graphic

The Wavestorm 8’ is the same as the classic board in terms of construction and includes the same traction pad, leash, and rubber fins giving you everything you need to get out on the water today.


  • Incredible sunburst graphic
  • Lightweight, high-quality, and very easy to transport board
  • Tough closed-cell core


  • Weak fins

# 4. South Bay Board Co. (SBBC) Huevo Egg


  • Length: 4’10
  • Width: 21 inches
  • Volume: 37 liters
  • Square tail
  • Quad fin

Huevo Egg by SBBC might be small to your eyes, however, if you are an intermediate to a pro-level surfer, you will certainly love the cost of this surfboard. Unlike the most innovative pro-level egg surfboard, the Huevo is among the cheapest.

If you are looking for a cheap board that can ride the little waves in summer, the Huevo is one of the best additions to your quiver. Eventually, you do not like to spend a lot of money on surfboards that you will only use for casual surfing.

South Bay Board Co Huevo Egg

That is why the Huevo Egg provides the best monetary value when it comes to the price. The price of this surfboard is less than $400.

Despite its small size, the Huevo is thick with a broad square tail and rounded nose, making it a durable option for pop up. It can also supply easy paddling as a result of its right volume.

What makes the Huevo Egg greater is that it has the capacity of a 200-pound weight.


  • Plain white deck for customization and sturdy construction provide exceptionally buoyant
  • Grippy


  • Attaching the fins can be difficult

# 5. Thurso Surf Lancer 5’10” Fish

Not only are fish type of surfboards great for groms who are just beginning to learn the basics of surfing, however, they are also excellent for seasoned surfers who want something that is a bit more performance-focused.

Soft-top fish type of surfboards that are user-friendly and unique isn’t easy to get, so it’s reasonable to say that the Thurso Surf Lance is unique. They help any rider to practice their performance while maintaining their stability in the waters.

Thurso Surf Lancer 510 Fish

The products come with a set of twin fins and a rail saver ankle leash that will give you smooth and skate-like performance on the waters.

It also provides stability, though not so much that it sacrifices performance. That is exactly why we sincerely recommend this product for those who are trying to step up from the longboard world.


  • Length: 5’10
  • Width: 20 inches
  • Volume: 34 liters
  • Fish type surfboards
  • A rail saver ankle leash comes with the product in its product’s box
  • Twin fins
  • Fish tail


  • You will see that the fish type of shape provides a much better performance
  • Heat-laminated deck for added durability
  • Uses lightweight EPS core


  • Fin screws are infamously unreliable
  • May not be as stable and controllable as a foamie

# 6. Giantex 6′ Surfboard

Giantex 6′ is definitely an interesting model that caught our attention. At 6′, it is the size of your typical shortboard, though Giantex 6′ has a bit more width and stability like a longboard.

One great thing about the shorter size is that it helps to introduce beginners into the world of riding shortboards.

With the Giantex 6′ cheap surfboard, you will certainly be able to duck dive, maneuver extremely sharply, and paddle easily.

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You’ll likewise find yourself flying down the line much faster also.

Moreover, the buoyancy is a lot higher than a lot of boards in this size category thanks to the extra volume.

Giantex 6′ surfboards are a perfect choice if you’re looking to take a step up from your classic longboard.


  • Easy to paddle with
  • The right volume for better stability. It can provide effortless paddling too.
  • Has several qualities of a shortboard for better performance


  • Doesn’t work well in big waves

# 7. Liquid Shredder EZ Slider Retro Fish


  • Length: 5’10
  • Volume: 41 liters
  • Twin fin
  • Swallow tail

This is another surfboard model with EPE (expanded polyethylene) foam construction with a swallow tail and round nose. These features make these boards user-friendly and highly buoyant for first-timer surfers. It supplies virtually the same stability as a longboard does.

What makes the EZ Slider surfboards more impressive is that they come in two colors: blue and red. If you want the board to have a wave graphic or not, you can also choose.

Liquid Shredder EZ Slider Retro Fish

According to Liquid Shredder, even beginner surfers can use this surfboard, although it is fish.

And did we mentioned that the majority of professional riders preferred to use a Liquid Shredder when they were starting in the world of surfing?


  • High-buoyancy
  • Sturdy
  • Removable twin fins allow you to ride it with them or not


  • Leash not included

# 8. Goplus 5’5″ Surfboard

The GoPlus 5’5″ is the excellent next go-to little summer shred stick for adults and kids.

With the 5′ 5″ size and the way it’s designed, this board almost has the feel of a bodyboard.

The surface area of the deck is XPE, providing riders with a bit of extra durability and impact resistance.

Even a novice who will inevitably fall into the water, need not worry.

Goplus 55 Surfboard

The GoPlus 5’5″ surfboards come with 3 removable fins and a fishtail design, providing you a bit of extra performance in a wide variety of wave conditions.

And also, GoPlus 5’5″ features a leash and a rope so you can get out in the water immediately after purchasing it.


  • Exceptionally light-weight
  • Easy to handle in the water
  • Made with top-notch materials
  • With a leash and a rope, it’s ready to get into the water immediately after purchasing it


  • Fins aren’t the best

# 9. Liquid Shredder EZ Slider Foamie


  • Length: 6’0
  • Volume: 45 liters
  • Tri-fin
  • Square tail

The Liquid Shredder EZ Slider Foamie is the best bet for kids and beginner surfers. Seasoned surfers on a tight budget plan who want to ride a surfboard that provides easy paddling can opt for this surfboard without a doubt.

This surfboard has a removable fin system that allows you to surf with or without them, expanding your surfing experience. It includes an EZ-seal rubber that prevents water from penetrating the surfboard. Aside from that, it has a sturdy leash attachment.

Liquid Shredder EZ Slider Foamie

These products have EPS foam construction with soft EPE, and PP bottom, providing rapid sturdiness, and smooth surfboard. It likewise includes 2 wooden stringers that make this board stiff.

Liquid Shredder is proud of what process this surfboard has been through. It underwent hand shaping and heat lamination.


  • The surfboards come in various colors
  • Easy to use


  • Leash sold separately
  • The limited capacity of up to 120 extra pounds

# 10. South Bay Board Co. (SBBC) Big Betsy Soft Top


  • Size: 5’5
  • Volume: 31 liters
  • Square tail
  • 5 fins

Big Betsy by SBBC got its inspiration from the mid-70s Cadillac. Unlike the standard foamie surfboards, this board pushes beyond boundaries when it comes to performance and design. That is why besides surfing, wakeboarders can likewise Big Betsy as a wakeboard, increasing the fun.

South Bay Board Co. SBBC Big Betsy Soft Top

These boards are perfect for casual surfers who love the sport for its fun and those who have fun using shortboards. If you are looking for speed and power in a compact-sized surfboard, you will never go wrong with these Big Betsy boards.

Seasoned surfers can value Big Betsy’s features because not only the board allows them to perform, these boards additionally offer extra paddling power and buoyancy.


  • Easy to use
  • Uses core made from EPS closed-cell foam construction
  • Superb design


  • Short for some surfers

# 11. Thurso Surf Aero Soft Top


  • Length: 7’0
  • Volume: 60 liters
  • Square tail
  • Tri-fin

If you are looking for a low-cost mid-length board that costs much less than $400, the Aero is one of the great picks that you should certainly try. It is an optimal training surfboard for those ready to upgrade their surf skills after using their foamie. Seasoned surfers who want to find a budget-friendly mid-length option can also benefit from this surfboard.

Thurso Surf Aero Soft Top

Although the Aero is available at an insanely low price, you can not go wrong with the features it offers. This surfboard can ride the mushy waves without much effort. Moreover, it focuses on stability and glide; that is why it offers an opportunity for first-timer surfers to have fun in the waters.


  • Features essential extras, such as the traction pads, adjustable fin box, and leash


  • Not suitable for adults weighing more than 210 pounds

Top Picks to Buy Cheap Surfboards

There are numerous high-quality as well as the best cheap surfboards on the surf market. Some of them are mentioned in our review. Among the reviewed above products, what sticks out the most is the Thurso Surf Lancer brand.

It ranks as the best pick as a result of its flexibility and user-friendliness. Whether you are a novice or a pro, you can have fun using this surfboard.

Their boards provide traction, stability, and forgiveness that a novice rider needs while learning maneuvers and enabling the experienced users to perform using this surfboard.

Furthermore, these products are complete packages. Each of the packages comes with twin fins and a leash giving you everything you need to get out on the water right away. This complete package is also helpful for your surfboard’s safety and performance.

Although you might have some concerns with its flimsy fin screws, it is simply a small issue compared to its benefits and price.

With this surfboard, even if you have become a professional surfer who can finally delight in riding the huge waves, you will still find yourself reverting to Thurso Lancer products on your casual surfing days. You do not have to get a new one to add to your quiver for that goal. Therefore, you will certainly get more from buying at a low price.

Softboard vs. Hardboard

As you’ve noticed, the best cheap surfboards have a foam construction. Surfers likewise call these surfboards softboards or foamies. Now that you’ve reached this section, it’s important to understand the difference between the hardboards and softboards, and why these cheap surfboards are perfect for first-timers.


Softboards or the foamies are the ones that workshops or surf schools advise you to use as a beginner who has no or few surfing experiences.

These extremely durable surfboards have high volume giving great floatation, an important feature of what a novice rider needs to look for when buying a brand new surfboard. Boards with generous volume help you to have easy paddling and catching waves.

The softboards are also beneficial for you and to various other surfers’ security. When you have absolutely no knowledge of surfing, and you take up learning surfing, you will see that you will most likely bump into various other surfers.

Besides, you need to know this surfboard is difficult to control in some water conditions. The impact of collision will certainly be less painful because of the soft cushion that acts as the barrier.

Also, as you’ve noticed, softboards are inexpensive. If you are a first-timer who has the words “learn how to surf” written on your wish lists, you do not have any type of reason not to surf on the waves if money is your concern.

One negative about the foamies is that they are the bulkiest among the other surfboard sorts. That’s why storing and transporting can be an issue.


The features of hardboards are opposed to softboards. This time, beginners should try to refrain from using these boards if you don’t already have excellent paddling and controlling skills.

Unlike the softboard, when a hardboard bumps into your face, it will certainly hurt and may even cause injury.

If you are looking for hardboards, you need to know that they are also more pricey, a challenge to control, and breakable. Getting into the hands of beginner surfers, they might quickly dent or break them, and knowing their price will lead to even more frustration.

Despite all these negative aspects, the seasoned surfers still pick to use a hardboard because of its lightness, speed, and maneuverability. Make sure that you have exceptional paddling ability if you really want of upgrading your softboard into a hardboard.


How much does a beginner surfboard cost?

Beginner boards can cost you anywhere from $200 to $600, although it really depends on what kind of surfboard you are looking for and where you are buying it from. For example, you can search and find more advanced types of surfboards in a surf shop as well as garage sales, e-commerce shops, stores, and other right places. Boards of popular brands will cost you much more than something off-brand.

Currently, that is not to say that the off-brand surfboard won’t ride as well, it’s simply a truth. Bear in mind, you’re looking for a low-cost surfboard.

Should beginner surfers buy a cheap used surfboard?

If you are a beginner surfer, it will be beneficial for you to purchase a new surfboard instead of a used one. That’s because most beginner surfboards aren’t as expensive as the ones used by your favorite surfer.

Unlike a brand-new surfboard, you can’t guarantee the quality of used surfboards, even if it’s an entry-level board. If you choose a used surfboard, you have to settle for the ones that have damages and dents that can negatively affect your learning process and performance.

So, for beginners in surfing, it is still better to settle for brand-new, but the cheapest surfboards reviewed above.

How much do decent surfboards cost?

When you start to move up into the mid-priced to the costly realm of surfboards, you can anticipate spending a bit extra.

New shortboards often cost in the range of $500-$800, longboards often tend to range from $600-$1,500, and foam boards have a tendency to range from $250-$500. Again, the price range depends on the make, shaper, model, store, etc

Wrapping Up – Which Cheap Surfboard Should I Get?

While all of these surfboards are perfect in their own rights, we’d recommend selecting one of the popular brands like Wavestorm or SBBC with their fantastic customer service. These companies have not only pioneered the way for so many other soft-top companies but they are also one of the most reliable out there for both beginners and experienced surfers.

If you are a novice rider, you should be realistic about the waves where you can start training. For a beginner, you should settle for small and gentle waves. In these areas of water, you can practice your stability and stance. The reasonable surfboard to use on these waves is inexpensive longboards due to their excellent ability to catch waves in the water.

Overall, every surfer should buy an affordable surfboard to keep in their quiver, and if you’re going to hunt for one, ensure it’ll get the job done.

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