Costco Wavestorm Surfboard Review

Wavestorm Surfboard

You can’t wait to reach Costco to enjoy a free tasting, affordable pizza, and also excellent bargains on grocery stores.

While you’re there, you begin scanning the isles and discover something you can not believe. Surfboard?! Yes, Costco sells surfboards, too.

You’ve been wanting a foam surfboard for a while, as well as you hurry residence to research what you’ve just seen.

Wavestorm is a long-lasting, high, budget-friendly high-quality brand of newbie longboards and also soft top shortboards.

Proceeding reading our Costco Wavestorm surfboard review to discover whatever you need to know about this amazing brand! By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll be rushing out to purchase one of a great Costco surfboard.

What’s Wavestorm?

Established in 2004, Wavestorm has been the service for beginner surfers all over. By shaping soft foam right into resilient and also steady surfboards, they’ve been able to develop a rewarding beginner surfboard enterprise. A lot more experienced internet users quickly came to be attracted to Wavestorm boards too nevertheless.

Without a doubt, Wavestorm is most prominent for being the most common soft top in the surfboard market. Wavestorm surfboards are easy to find – their main web site, regional surf stores, Costco, or You won’t miss the view of the Wavestorm surfboard at the beach, or more probable, a horde of them.

The brand won’t reveal just the number of surfboards they have offered since 2006. However, they claimed it is a lot more than twice or three times the number of surfboards they have serviced since they started, which is around 500 thousand.

Wavestorm timeless surfboards list as ideal surfing boards for the newbie, kids, and beginners because they are soft, light, and easy to maneuver. They have vibrant and attractive designs that are safeguarded with GFTTM (Graphic Film Technology). This innovation enables the boards to stay imaginable for a long period without fading. q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B07C7KL9P4&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=surfboards02b 20ir?t=surfboards02b 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07C7KL9P4The bottom skin made of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) produces a resistant base against the ocean waves’ impact. Adding to its durability are the 3 marine-ply stringers and strong EPS (expanded polystyrene) core.

The tail is an essential consideration in shaping the surfboard considering that feet are normally located towards the back while standing. Wavestorm surfboards’ tails are usually stiff which is nice because tight riding is much better for discovering.

With nice tails come soft rails that are common in longboards. This helps in having the balance to pace the board as you go in a straight line down the face of the wave. They might not help a lot with including power for transforming but they add much more security and buoyancy which is ideal for beginners.

Wavestorm was smart adequate to put the pre-installed leash plug with a removable ankle joint leash. This is just one of the functions that added to it. That’s why it is one of the best beginner board. Having this attribute makes the board preferable for first-timers, newbies, and any individual trying to discover.

Not only are the longboards great for newbies and experienced shredders alike, however, Wavestorm now provides even more high-performance soft top shortboards. The beginner longboards are 7′ to 10′ and the high-performance swallow tail shortboards vary from 5′ 6″ to 6′ 6″. Wavestorm absolutely offers boards for everybody.

The Review Specifications of Wavestorm Surfboard:

Wavestorm Classic: 8′ 0″ x 22.5″ x 3.25″ or 7′ 0″ x 22″ x 3″.

Wavestorm Original New Modern: 8′ 0″ x 22.5″ x 3.25″ or 7′ 0″ x 22″ x 3″.

Are Wavestorm surfboards good?


Wavestorm surfboards are much more inexpensive than traditional longboards. Since Wavestorms are developed for newbies, finding out to surf on these boards will expedite the time it would take to learn on a traditional fiberglass board. Wavestorms are additionally more secure to discover. The foam is soft, and so lowers the threat of injury if the board strikes the surfer.


The soft top foam and also soft rails all around the deck make Wavestorms much less receptive than standard fiberglass longboards. Although Wavestorm surfboards are the most famous, preferred, and commonly used, especially by beginners, experienced surfers consider Costco Wavestorm surfboards are not a better choice for those who just start to learn how to surf. That’s because they are thinner, narrower, and have a small tail width than traditional longboards. Each of these features leads to losing stability, float, and buoyancy while on a board.

Who Costco Wavestorm Board Is Perfect For?

Its standard longboard form raises board surface area so it acquires momentum conveniently. Wavestorm also has an 8′ longboard called the New Modern is additionally a terrific beginner board, as it has all the perfect qualities for finding out as the Classic.

For smaller sized grownups and also children, think about the 7′. It still has a great deal of quantity, however, is somewhat smaller sized, which will certainly be easier for smaller sized surfaces to regulate. It still rides like a newbie longboard, being extremely easy to capture waves on and also fantastic for exercising balance and popping up.

Board Breakdown


Both Wavestorm 7′ and 8′ boards are the typical “longboard” shape. They have round noses and large, square tails. The round nose is terrific for adding buoyancy to the board by raising the surface area of the deck. The even more surface, the quicker you will acquire energy while trying to match the speed of the wave. You will certainly have a much better possibility of obtaining grabbed by a wave on a board with such a vast nose.

The tail is nice and also large. A square tail is optimal for balance. Considering that your feet get positioned towards the rear of the board while standing, it’s crucial to have buoyancy over the tail with a huge size. Square tails maintain your instructions well in the wave, also. So normally, a square tail is ideal for newbies, since they are “tight.” You desire a wonderful tight trip while finding out. You’ll lose your balance if the board rides to loosey-goosey.

Soft rails are most typically used for longboard forms. This is because, on a longboard, you generally go in a straight line down the face of the wave, since you intend to have the balance to walk up and down the board when you reach an innovative level. You additionally want this security when learning to surf so you can maintain your balance. Soft rails are designed not so much for transforming power, but extra for stability, so normally Wavestorm layouts its board with this rail kind. q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B07C7KL9P4&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=surfboards02b 20For a challenge, Wavestorm additionally supplies an enjoyable and unique fish design. Much shorter, vast, and designed with swallowtails, these lovable New Modern Swallow Tail versions are excellent for youngsters discovering and grownups who want a shorter board. Unlike typical designs of fiberglass shortboards, a soft leading foam swallow tailboard is much more buoyant and much easier to regulate, while still using a challenge for proceeding surfing abilities.

Though this board is shorter, being offered in 5′ 6″ and 6′ 6″, it’s thicker than the typical fiberglass shortboards. The extra foam makes the Swallow Tail very efficient at catching waves. The foam is soft, so if you want to obtain your little tot right into surfing, you won’t have to worry about injury from the board.

Materials & Construction

Wavestorm Classic is built with closed-cell EPS foam that is leak-proof and also will not soak or decay. The foam is likewise really tough, immune to leaks, and also splits. The EPS is after that covered in cross-link, high tech IXL water obstacle skin that resists water and also takes in effect.

The Wavestorm New Modern designs take the crosslink water obstacle top deck also better, making use of elastomer material that is U.V. damages immune. Both the New and also timeless Model base decks are constructed with high thickness polyethylene which is extremely resistant to dings, holes, and scratches.

Together with the solid and also inflexible HDPE bottom deck, 3 aquatic grade plywood stringers maintain the form of the board, so it will last you a lifetime with correct care. The stringers keep the board from breaking due to occasions such as collision with rocks or being slammed by shore extra pound.

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  • Fins

All Wavestorm surfing boards include soft plastic fins that are simple to mount pop throughs. The rings where the fins affixed are also water-resistant. They can be found in blue, eco-friendly, or black to match the graphics on the leading deck.

  • Stomp Pad

Wavestorm Classic 7′ and 8′ likewise included pre-connected traction pads for your back foot. Perfect for maintaining balance and also foot positioning while you are cruising down the line. They come in blue as well as white or blue and white, depending upon what board graphics you pick.

  • Leash

This surfing board includes a leash, which is truly nice! Because the majority of surfboards do not come with a leash, that’s. When you buy it you are all set to go, it comes with everything you need so!

Designs, Graphics & Options

  • Wavestorm Classic:

You can buy this board in a traditional three-stripe pattern with dark blue, light, and white blue colors with black fins. This board additionally comes with environment-friendly fins.

  • Wavestorm New Modern:

The 8′ longboard is available in a striking royal blue with blue fins to match. The 6′ 6″ as well as 5′ 6″ Swallow Tail version comes in royal blue or skies blue, both come blue or black fins.

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Wavestorm supplies a 30-day warranty in case of producer problems or damage during shipping and handling. They don’t nonetheless, warrant versus customer damages. You won’t need a customer warranty anyway since Wavestorm is made with resilient products. Care for your board and also it will not damage or be damaged.

Where to Buy Wavestorm Surfboards?

Wavestorm surfboards are marketed in lots of stores or can be found on multiple sites (Wavestorm Surfboards,, and often Craigslist). The most typical shop where Wavestorm surfboards can be purchased with varying colors, designs, shapes, and sizes goes to Costco.

Wavestorm VS BladeStorm

Wavestorm, as well as BladeStorm surfboards, are 2 effectively well-known soft-top surfboard brand names. Both are made from comparable materials, but Bladestorm is a bit a lot more pricey. Nearly similar fit and products, but if you are looking for a much better deal, Wavestorm would certainly be the far better option.

BladeStrorm surfboards are available in a selection of colors. They also are available in light and dark blues like Wavestorm, yet do not have the trendy numerous tinted candy-striped style Wavestorm lovers love. The StormBlade boards also feature a rubber protective obstacle around the deck, which Wavestorm does not. Yet because Wavestorm makes use of soft foam to make their boards, safety rubber pads on the deck are not actually required.

Wavestorm vs. Catch Surf

Catch Surf likewise offers a couple of beginner surfboard models, yet they are extra understood for providing even tougher, novel foam top boards, like extremely brief thrusters and fish forms. Their longboards are a little much more high-performance also, which can be a little hard to learn how to surf. Wavestorm is far more matched for beginner surfers, and also has a better-suited shape. The boards are a little thicker and wider than Catch Surf longboards.

Wavestorm vs. Longboard

As I have discussed above, Wavestorm’s longboards are various from conventional longboards. They are likewise shaped, with round noses and also a wide tail, but are not made from the very same products.

Standard longboards are made with extremely difficult fiberglass or epoxy material. The foam core is covered with fiberglass sheets and then covered with either polyester resin or epoxy resin. This is great for efficiency, however, can be a little an issue if you obtain struck by the board or it strikes one more surfer. Epoxy as well as fiberglass create more injury and also are a lot more susceptible to damage.

The inner materials are various, as well. The foam core in a standard surfboard is an open cell and thus can soak up water as well as rot. It additionally makes the board much heavier, called “waterlogging.” The foam on a soft leading board is shut cell and also waterproof. Lot of times the deck has enough traction on a soft top that is doesn’t require surf wax, unlike the slick resin on a standard surfboard deck.     q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B07C7KL9P4&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=surfboards02b 20

Wavestorm vs. Shortboard

A shortboard is a difficult board to recognize just how to surf and is normally ridden by surfers that are a bit much more advanced in their surfing. A Wavestorm is a lot easier because it is so resilient and stable. If somebody has a quite negative time surfing for the very first time, then they are likely not going to desire to maintain trying to surf.

By much, Wavestorm is most preferred for being the most typical soft top in the surfboard market. You will not miss the view of the Wavestorm surfboard at the beach, or extra likely, a crowd of them.

Wavestorm traditional surfboards list as finest surfing sticks for the newbie, kids, and beginners since they are soft, light, and easy to maneuver. Wavestorm surfboards’ tails are generally stiff which is nice because rigid riding is better for discovering. There are numerous obvious distinctions between a longboard surfboard and a Wavestorm.

Where do I install the leash?

When you insert your fins, will certainly see one fin with a black loophole affixed. This loophole is where you will certainly attach your leash to and ought to be on the top of your surfboard.

Can Costco surfboards ride on big waves?

Wavestorm surfboards are usually created for beginners. However, it does not limit them from riding big waves. As a matter of fact, also when they are labeled as “beginner board”, Jamie O’Brien with confidence rode the Pipeline in Oahu and fearlessly caught ferocious waves.

How do I mount the fins?

Setting up the fins is much easier than it looks. Each board ought to feature a user’s manual. The side with the two nobs coming off of the board will certainly place right into both holes of each fin port. Each fin must have two inserts that come with and will appear like a plastic screw with a large flat round top. Put them into the top of the surfboard after you positioned the fins right into slots. Locate a flathead screwdriver, if you do not have one you can use a quarter, and tighten up the inserts to the fins.

How do I keep care of my surfboard?

Taking treatment of your surfboard is very easy. If you want to maintain it in the best shape possible after every use gives the whole board a rinse with fresh water.

Wrapping Up – Should You Buy a Wavestorm Surfboard?

A Wavestorm surfboard can be taken pleasure in by kids, grownups, beginners, and pros. Wavestorm proceeds to be the number one selling brand name in the market. Skillfully shaped and designed with enjoyable graphics, Wavestorm would certainly be an ideal enhancement to your surfboard quiver.

Since Wavestorms are made for novices, discovering to surf on these boards will certainly accelerate the time it would take to find out on a standard fiberglass board. Wavestorms are likewise safer to find out on. Wavestorm additionally has an 8′ longboard called the New Modern is likewise a great beginner board, as it has all the ideal qualities for learning to surf as the Classic.

Although Wavestorm’s target for their style and shape are concentrated on beginners, they are likewise excellent boards you can include in your quiver so you can have something to bring when you are in a lazy mood to surf or if you ever seem like coaching someone to surf.

All Wavestorm boards come with soft plastic fins that are simple to set up pop throughs. They also come in light and dark blues like Wavestorm, yet do not have the cool numerous tinted striped layout Wavestorm fanatics enjoy. The StormBlade boards also come with a rubber safety barrier around the deck, which Wavestorm does not.

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